Saturday, 22 July 2017

Summer Fashion Haul

I'm currently doing an internship with a planning company in the UK and while I admittedly have a lot of clothes, surprisingly little of it could be described as 'business attire'. After a rigorous assessment of my wardrobe I managed to pick out some suitable dresses and tops but I still needed some basic essentials to get me through the whole 8 weeks so I went out and ended up buying a few more dresses, a suit jacket, skirt and trousers and some tops. Luckily my workplace turned out to be more on the casual end of things (as in cardigans instead of blazers and flats instead of heels) but even so after the first week I decided I was in need of a few more items to avoid having to do washing every few days. The first weekend I was here I took full advantage of living less than 5 minutes from the shops and shopped till I dropped (and then came home for lunch and went back out again in the afternoon), and the following weekend I went to stay with my grandparents and did some shopping there. Basically I bought some stuff over the last couple of weeks and here it is, minus the first set of work stuff because most of it is in the wash. (Also there is a lot of non-work stuff here oops.)

Tops from Primark

I love this tropical print top (£6) - tropical prints are everywhere this summer, along with flamingos and parrots I've noticed, so this is just a really fun piece to wear. I also love dark florals so I'll definitely wear this in winter even when it's a bit off-season. The black top is exactly the same cut but a different print, I picked it up in the sale for £3 which I think is an excellent buy especially as I'll be able to wear both of these to work with some plain black trousers or a skirt.

Beauty and the Beast has been one of my favourite Disney stories since I was little as I always identified with Belle's bookishness, and I really enjoyed the recent live action film when I saw it in the cinema. I like how this top isn't obviously Disney or brightly-coloured with the characters plastered all over it, it's a lot more subtle but still has that reference if you know the story. The other top is just a simple strappy top and I always pick up one of these when I'm in Primark because they're so versatile and I wear them a lot.

Skirt from Primark & Top from New Look

Also from Primark I picked up this khaki green faux suede skirt (£8) which I LOVE and fits perfectly. I wear a lot of green and this shade is lovely and just a fab piece for autumn and winter. Then I got this white top from New Look (£14.99) which isn't necessarily something I'd normally wear, but it's definitely office wear and looks great with some black trousers or a skirt.

Top and dress from H&M, top from New Look

This top (£5 in the sale) is just a simple cami but I have two others exactly like this in a tropical and dark floral print (do you sense a theme here?) that I've had for ages and wear constantly, so I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. Also its black and white which means it's formal enough to wear to the office if we get any more 30 degree heat over the rest of the summer. I also got this dress (£9.99), which is perhaps the most basic H&M-looking thing I own but hey, again it's black and white so I plan to wear this to the office and maybe to a formal at uni next year.

A couple of things from Primark which proved impossible to photograph: firstly a pair of high-waisted black/dark grey jeans (£12). I rarely ever buy or wear jeans, but I really love the ones I got as they have a nice faded effect that makes them look almost textured. Also, I was on the lookout for some plain black loose trousers for a while and found some (£8). I have some similar ones in a dark floral print which I love, but they're quite hard to wear as you can only really wear them with a plain white or pink top so hopefully the black ones will be easier to style as well as super duper comfy.

I also got some really cool pyjamas (which remind me of The X-Files) and a photo frame from New Look, and a red corduroy skirt and some jewellery storage boxes from Primark - not pictured because I bought them while I was at my grandparents' and left them there for my mum to take home next time she comes.

So that's everything I bought!

Also, just a quick note to say that I totally missed my 4 year blogiversary on 5th July - so happy 4th birthday to the blog!


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