Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fashion Haul: H&M and Asos

Lately I've been doing a bit of shopping in anticipation of the return of chilly weather and going back to university. Autumn/winter is definitely my favourite time of year to shop because I love winter dresses and thick cardigans and hats and scarves and wearing things with tights - it's so satisfying to add bits and pieces to my winter wardrobe. First I made a trip to my local H&M and then I decided to order some things off Asos, hence why the items here are in two currencies so I hope that doesn't bother you - I spend my life converting from € to £ and vice-versa so I hardly notice it any more! 

Mustard Checked Shirt from H&M, €14.99

I'm obsessed with this colour at the moment as I think it's perfect for autumn and I was actually on the lookout for the cardigan in this colour that I included in my recent H&M picks, but sadly no luck. I kept spotting something in the right colour and hurtling across the shop only to find that it was just a jumper or some other kind of top, and never exactly the cardigan I wanted *sigh*. But during the hunt I did come across this shirt which I really really like, it's super soft and made of organic cotton, plus I also bought some plain blue jeans (not shown here because I couldn't work out how to photograph them) which look amazing with this shirt buttoned up and tucked into them.

Plain White Top from H&M, €14.99

This is just a really simple (slightly creased) white top which I think will come in handy in all sorts of clothing situations. I bought it intending to wear it under the green pinafore (see below) but when I got it home I realised it would go well under dungarees, tucked into shorts or jeans or just with a patterned skirt - basically a super versatile piece! 

Striped Top from H&M, €9.99

I love stripes and especially striped tops as I think they're simple and classic and also so on trend right now. I especially like the colours in this one which, again, are perfect for autumn. The fabric of this top is amazing too, it's lightweight and stretchy and bouncy so I feel like it's also a really easy to wear item that could go with lots of things.

Sushi Jumper from H&M, €9.99

I couldn't resist this jumper because look at it, it has tiny sushi rolls with faces! My mum says it makes me look about fourteen but I am totally OK with that if it means I can wear a sushi-adorned jumper and wear it I shall. I think this would be nice just over jeans or leggings as a really cosy and comfy outfit. I also like that it's thin material because I'm quite sensitive to temperature and I get hot easily even in winter, so I usually steer clear of big thick jumpers.

Green Pinafore from Asos, £15

Onto the Asos purchases... First I got this dark green pinafore dress. I've been meaning to get one like this for ages but I could only seem to find denim ones so I was thrilled to come across this one. It's a really nice stretchy cottony fabric and it fits well (I had to put a ruler in the waistband to give it some structure for this photo haha). I'm planning to wear this with little stripy cropped tops or the plain white one above.

Striped Dress from Asos, £17

This isn't the most flattering dress in the world but I'm willing to bet it's one of the comfiest! It's a really nice cotton material and very simple in the shape and cut of it, so perfect for lounging around and just wearing with tights and trainer-type shoes. Also, stripes!

Space Pyjamas from Asos, £20

Finally I got this pyjama set which I LOVE to bits. At the beginning of the summer I treated myself to some really nice Disney princess (The Little Mermaid, to be precise) short pyjamas from Topshop and I've worn them all summer so I wanted to invest in a similar second pair. I love the slogan on this and the pattern on the shorts, it's very me!

And that's all I got!


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