Friday, 2 September 2016

Summer Favourites

Somehow it's already September which means cooler days, the return of autumn TV and just over a month left till I go back to university. Summer is drawing to an end so I thought I'd do a quick roundup of the things I've been loving these past few months - I'm sure you know how a favourites post works so let's jump straight in.  

Twin Peaks

To be fair I first watched Twin Peaks in the Easter holidays but I rewatched it at the end of term when I had nothing else to do and I fell in love with it all over again. At one point I was going to do an entire post dedicated to this series which demonstrates how amazing it is, it's easily my favourite series of all time. It's also the weirdest thing I've ever seen and it's hard to capture its essence in words, but just as a quick summary it's about an isolated town called Twin Peaks in Washington where a 17-year-old girl called Laura Palmer is found murdered. The first series focuses on her murder and the investigation carried out by the local sheriff and Special Agent Dale Cooper of the FBI who is brought in to work on the case, while the second (much longer) series carries on where the previous one left off and explores the lives of the town's inhabitants in a number of subplots. Basically I love Twin Peaks to death and I can't believe it took me so long to find out about it! Also I'm hella excited for the new series that comes out next year, like I can't even.

Gabby's vlogs

While I have been watching a lot of YouTube this summer it's mostly been ASMR videos so I won't bore you with that in this post, but a 'mainstream' YouTuber who I have really enjoyed watching is Gabriella aka velvetgh0st. Oddly I'm not a huge fan of her main channel videos, I mean I'll occasionally watch one if it looks especially interesting but what I really have been into is her vlogs on her second channel. I don't know what it is about her but she's my absolute favourite vlogger, she manages to make even the most mundane tasks interesting and she loves home decor which I do too. Luckily she daily vlogs a lot so there's plenty of material to keep me going!

Red playsuit from H&M

I got this red playsuit from H&M at the beginning of the summer and I absolutely love it, I wear it all the time and it's just my number one go-to outfit for days out. It's really loose and comfy and best of all it has huuuge pockets! Pockets! I saw it on the H&M website the other day and apparently it's meant to be off the shoulder but I just wear it like a short sleeved playsuit (like in the photo) which works too. I think it was about £22 and it was worth every penny!

Botanic gardens

I first discovered Durham's botanic gardens in the summer term and they quickly became my favourite place to wander around in the evenings, enjoy nature and take photos. Then on my trip to Ireland I visited both Dublin and Belfast's gardens and they were both truly stunning and totally instagram worthy, I could have wandered around them for hours. In general I'm more of an inside person but I do like spending time outdoors so this is ideal for me: a bit of nature but beautifully presented and fabulously photogenic.

Polaroid camera

After not using my Polaroid for ages because I didn't want to waste the film I decided to just embrace it this summer and took loads of pics on my trip to Ireland. I'm still learning how to use the settings so they didn't always come out that well (as you can probably see) but the memories and the excitement of instant photos are still there. If only the film wasn't so expensive!

Elderflower pressé
I've become more or less addicted to this stuff, it's absolutely divine and has such a light and delicate flavour which makes it perfect for summer. I had it for the first time in a hipster-ish café in Durham before the end of term and I was obsessed straight away. Unfortunately they don't seem to have caught on here in Belgium as I haven't been able to find it in the supermarkets but they definitely do it in places like Tesco and Waitrose, and I've also recently discovered that it's much cheaper to make it using sparkling water and elderflower cordial.

Tidying/clearing out
This might seem like a weird one but I've been really enjoying tidying things and clearing out cupboards this summer. It might be a product of spending a lot of time in my room but I just can't stand living in a messy space and I find it so calming and satisfying to potter around putting things away. At the beginning of the summer I also did a huge clear-out and got rid of so much stuff which was amazing, I love getting rid of clothes I never wear and finding better storage solutions for the things I do want to keep. I also took a bunch of Nintendo DS and Wii games to Game in the UK because they buy them off you which is excellent, I only made about £20 but it was worth having and now I don't have the boxes of games I'll never play taking up space in my drawers. I think it's also to do with having not lived in my room at home for most of the past year - its made me realise what I do and don't need and so I've been able to part with a lot of things I used to hold on to just because I had the space to keep them.

And those are my favourite things of this summer - thanks for reading!


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