Thursday, 8 September 2016

Playsuit Picks

I've been majorly into playsuits lately so I thought I'd share my picks from a few of my favourite websites for clothes shopping. I love how they constitute a whole outfit so you don't need to bother considering whether your top and bottoms go together, but they're also a lot more practical than dresses because you don't have to worry about them flipping up in the wind or anything like that. I think they make you look really put together too since they look like you've made an effort when really you've just put one thing on and accessorised. Of course there is the whole going-to-the-toilet issue which invariably turns into a struggle with zips or buttons, but we'll just gloss over that for now shall we?

Patterned playsuit, H&M, £12.99 // x
This is so simple and summery - it makes me think of beach huts and evening strolls on the boardwalk and it also has some subtle nautical vibes. I would wear this with a brown belt, sandals and a straw hat and hopefully feel like a summer goddess.

Satin playsuit, H&M, £19.99 // x
This is obviously more of a dressy take on a playsuit but I think it's also quite versatile: you could wear it with heels and a clutch for an evening look or sandals and a beach bag for the beach. It's basically a LBP - little black playsuit.

Floral playsuit, H&M, £19.99 // x
I absolutely love the look of this and especially the shirt-style collar and sleeves. The pattern is so perfect for autumn with all the yellows and oranges and I think it would look so nice with my hair colour at the moment which is a sort of reddish auburn.

Embroidered high-neck playsuit, Topshop, £38 // x
I'm not sure why but I want to call this style a handkerchief playsuit - is that a thing or am I just making it up? Who knows. It's quite simple but the top and the fastening make it super summery and interesting and I love the detailing at the edge. The boho style means I would probably wear this for casual occassions.

Leaf print playsuit, Topshop, £36 // x
The last few times I've been in Topshop I've noticed a lot of stuff in this leaf print patter and I really like it - it's fresh and modern and just makes me want to test out its camouflage potential in a jungle.

Burgundy wrap front tie waist playsuit, New Look, £19.99 // x
This is another simple classy number and of course it's in my favourite colour. I would pair this with some chunky heels and a statement necklace to jazz it up a bit.

Floral lace-up romper, Forever 21, €24 // x
I couldn't resist including this because it's just so beautiful and delicate, which isn't a style I would normally go for but I really like it a lot. I think I would probably regret buying something all white because I would spill something down it within five minutes but it would be nice to start off with!

Scalloped crochet romper, Forever 21, €25 // x
I love this one to death and I would totally wear this with the hairstyle the model has because it's one of the only updos I do regularly. It's so sophisticated and classy but also just super chic and timeless, and of course you can't go wrong with another LBP.

V-neck denim cami romper, Forever 21, €14 // x
I actually have one that's very similar to this, it's the same colour and has white lace edging so in my opinion it's nicer but it was from Primark so that's debatable I suppose. I haven't worn it yet although I've had it nearly a year but seeing this one has just reminded me to get on and wear it while the weather is still hot and sunny!

And those are my playsuit picks! Which is your favourite?


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