Tuesday, 30 August 2016

H&M Picks

It feels like it's been a long time since my last fashion post so today I decided to share my top H&M picks of the moment. It's a strange time in fashion because the shops are just starting to get their winter clothes in and there are tons of reds and greens and fur and pleather around, but at the same time summer's not quite over so you can find a good range of items in all sorts of styles. I actually threw a lot of clothes out at the beginning of the summer (we're talking like three black binbags full, it was intense) which was really liberating so I think it's time to invest in some new pieces for the colder seasons. To that end I was browsing the Divided section of the H&M website the other day and there were so many nice things I just had to share my favourites with you!

Top with lacing, £7.99 // x
I really love this sort of boho chic trend that's been in a lot of shops lately, and I think tops like this are the perfect way to embrace the trend without going over the top with the off the shoulder tops and floaty trousers. It's simple and classic and such a nice colour for autumn and winter - it would look great with just about anything, from black jeans to a patterned skirt.

Rib-knit cardigan, £7.99 // x
This is a really simple piece but the colour is so bold and bright, I absolutely love it. I don't think mustard yellow suits me particularly well but then again it doesn't look completely horrendous so I definitely want to get a few bits and bobs in this colour for autumn.

Ribbed top, £3.99 // x
Stripes are such a classic pattern and tops like this are so versatile: you can wear them with any colour and they look great with skirts and jeans. I think this one has a particularly Parisian vibe which I love, and you really can't go wrong with that price!  

Sunglasses, £6.99 // x
My current pair of sunglasses are also from H&M, they're round with mirrored bits at the top and I love them even though I don't think they suit my face. These ones, on the other hand, are a bit less round and owl-like so I think they might look a lot better.

Wool hat, £14.99 // x
I've definitely included a hat like this in a picks before and I LOVE how they look, but I still can't bring myself to go and buy one because I honestly don't know how often I'd wear it - I think it's more of a put-it-on-for-a-photoshoot type thing rather than an actual accessory, or at least it would be for me. Having said that, if I found a nice one for a good price (Primark, I'm looking at you) I think I might just have to get it.

Satin bomber jacket, £29.99 // x
Bomber jackets seem to be everywhere this season and while I don't think they're very me or go with my style particularly well I can't help myself from lusting after them in shops, especially super cool patterned ones like this. I think you'd have to keep the outfit underneath really simple, no patterns and just nice neutral colours because this really is a statement piece.

Loose fit trousers, £7.99 // x
I hate wearing jeans because I find them constricting, but that can be problematic in autumn/winter when it gets colder because there are only so many times you can wear skirts and dresses. So something like this would be ideal because they're a loose fit but also a nice wintery colour which makes a change from all the floral and brightly coloured ones you see nearer summer time. 

Printed tote bag, £3.99 // x
How cool is this bag?! Really really cool is the answer because look at that print. I actually have a top from New Look that's quite similar (I call it my witch top) and I wear it all the time because I love it so much. This type of bag is also so handy if you're just nipping to the shops or something because you don't need to carry a whole backpack or other big bag, you can just throw the essentials in.

Dress with lacing, £14.99 // x
This dress is one of my favourite colours and if you look closely you can see there's some boho lacing on the front which makes it a win-win. I think it looks a lot better on the model but it's basically just a really nice autumny dress - it reminds me a lot of a dress I had from Laura Ashley when I was about 8 or 9. 

Patent brogues, £24.99 // x
I really want to invest in some nice brogues this season because I think they're both practical and stylish which is the best combination when it comes to footwear, especially when you have to do a lot of walking which I will next year since I'm living about half an hour from lectures. I like that these ones have a slight heel as well as the light brown piping effect which means they're not too black, if you know what I mean.

Backpack, £24.99 // x 
Last but not least, this pleather backpack caught my eye. I have one quite similar to this already (which I bought at the beginning of uni last year when I realised my beloved Michael Kors bag just wasn't going to cut it) but after a year of use it's looking a bit worse for wear so something like this would be ideal to replace it.

And those are my top picks at the moment! Which is your favourite?


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