Tuesday, 5 January 2016

H&M Haul

I think H&M may as well just hire me to promote them because I seem to be doing a pretty good job of it lately! The January sales have started now but for some reason I decided to go shopping on the 30th of December, which actually turned out to be a good idea because it wasn't too busy and some things were already on sale. I only went to H&M in the end because I didn't have that much time and by the time I'd spent over an hour in there I decided I'd spent quite enough for one morning!

Aztec dress, €14.95

This dress is ridiculously flattering, it was one of those things where I tried it on and instantly felt like a model! It's quite trying on the eyes but the orangey tones complement my hair so well and the shape is a perfect skater style. The fabric is also really nice, it's quite thick so this is definitely a winter/spring dress rather than summer.

Flawless T-shirt, €5 (sale)

I remember trying this on ages ago when it wasn't on sale and really liking it, but for some reason I didn't buy it so when I saw it was on sale I just had to get it. Again the colours suit me really well and they go with a lot of my other wintery clothes. 

Printed top, €9.95

This top is made of the softest material ever, it's so comfy and loose and stretchy! So far I've worn it tucked into my denim button-down skirt and I think it worked pretty well.

Black turtleneck, €9.99

I don't know quite what I was thinking when I bought this because I've always kind of hated the feeling of turtlenecks, but it looked really quite fab on me so I decided to get it anyway. I felt super chic and Parisian wearing it!

Spangly dress, €9.99

I still can't get over the price of this dress, it's amazing! The dress itself is quite simple in shape but I think I could end up wearing it on a multitude of occasions, including formal dinners which I'm rapidly running out of things to wear for.

Spangly top, €3

Another bargain, although I'm not quite sure where I'll wear this. But who doesn't need a glittery gold top in their life?

Suede skirt, €19.99

This skirt is a beautiful colour and quite a lot lighter than it looks in the photo. I really have far too many skirts but admittedly none in this particular shape or colour, so it will make a valuable addition to my collection.

Layered necklace (left), €3
Choker, €1 (sale)
Charm necklace, €3

As I was on my way to the till I spotted the jewellery sale and ended up bagging some utter bargains! I really loved how layered necklaces look but they always seem so expensive so I thought this one was excellent for the price, and I also really like the choker on a velvet (!!) ribbon. The charm bracelet is adorable because you can mix and match the charms to create nice combinations, which is an idea I am a fan of.

And that's everything I got!


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  1. you have a great sense of fashion! those were SO cute!