Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 Goals

Happy New Year! As usual I'm struggling to get my head around the fact that a whole new year has just begun and is stretching out in from of me, but I'm really hoping 2016 will be a fabulous year full of new experiences and just generally good vibes. All in all 2015 was a really big one for me - I passed the EB, graduated from school and started university abroad, which so far has been amazing in itself but it's been challenging to adapt to new things after 12 years of being at the same school and seeing the same group of people every day. It was also a great year for a lot of personal stuff, like figuring out my tastes and interests and actually pursuing them.

Anyway, rather than writing a bunch of New Year's resolutions I thought I'd just jot down a few things I'd like to do/accomplish over this coming year, from really simple little things to the bigger goals.

  • Finish reading ALL my unread books on my shelves
  • Make more effort to stay in contact with people, by which I mean mainly old school friends who I don't want to lose touch with and also my family while I'm at uni
  • Watch Twin Peaks and the rest of The Tudors, plus all the movies on my to-watch list
  • Revamp my wardrobe, by which I mean not just buy more stuff but actually throw stuff out once and for all instead of hoarding everything
  • Keep up with Polyvore and my blog more by dedicating a certain amount of time to blogging and set-making each week
  • Broaden my musical horizons and discover more music that I like
  • Improve my time management skills, especially when it comes to managing reading at uni
  • Say yes to more opportunities
  • Get involved with some kind of charity work to give back to the world

What are your aspirations for the coming year?



  1. I will hold you to the second one! Have a wonderful year Sophie and may all your wishes come true although I know they will because you are the most hard working person and one of the kindest I know. Happy New Year! Lots of love, your number 1 fan <3

    1. Aww Nell, thank you so much! I can always count on my number 1 fan ahahahaa xx