Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Instafaves #2

Since we're now getting stuck into 2016, I thought it was about time for another 'instafaves' in which I share my current favourite instagram accounts with you. The first post I did like this was way back in March last year, and while I still follow all the people I featured then I thought it was only fair to switch it up and include a range of different accounts this time around.

I've also had to try a different method with the screenshots since the instagram website was obviously updated a while back - I hope it looks okay!

Elizabeth // @elizabethseal  

Elizabeth is someone I've known and followed for a pretty long time both through Stardoll (where she used to inspire me with her amazing interior decor ideas) and then her beautiful blog. Her instagram feed is the cutest thing ever, full of little romantic pink details, nature pics and photos of her adorable baby, Oscar.

Louisa // @louisagrogers

Louisa's feed is bright, bold and sometimes completely bizarre - something interesting and eye-catching of hers is always popping up on my follow feed! It's a weird and wonderful mixture of vibrant high-contrast shots of high fashion, abstract photography and vintage goods.

Renee // @reneenicole

I've been following Renee on tumblr for a while now and recently came across her photography instagram account. The most recent section (shown here) is pink and cutesy, but there are slightly creepy vibes that get a lot more evident the further down you scroll, where you'll find photos of graveyards and abandoned places. In a nutshell, she is basically what would happen if Melanie Martinez and Nicole Dollanganger had a daughter! 

Sonja // @vainjala

Another long time tumblr follow is Sonja. In my opinion her feed is breathtaking: it's almost colourless but full of stunning grainy shots of nature, buildings and her beautiful face. Her aesthetic game is unbelievably strong!

Lua P // @luanna90

Lua is a recent follow but someone who I now realise I've been using photos of in my Polyvore sets for years. In a way her feed is the typically fashion blogger mix of selfies, outfit photos, beauty and details but for me her photos just have a special quality to them, I can't really explain it - it probably has something to do with her gorgeous red hair and impeccable makeup.

Who have you been loving lately on instagram?


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

H&M Haul

I think H&M may as well just hire me to promote them because I seem to be doing a pretty good job of it lately! The January sales have started now but for some reason I decided to go shopping on the 30th of December, which actually turned out to be a good idea because it wasn't too busy and some things were already on sale. I only went to H&M in the end because I didn't have that much time and by the time I'd spent over an hour in there I decided I'd spent quite enough for one morning!

Aztec dress, €14.95

This dress is ridiculously flattering, it was one of those things where I tried it on and instantly felt like a model! It's quite trying on the eyes but the orangey tones complement my hair so well and the shape is a perfect skater style. The fabric is also really nice, it's quite thick so this is definitely a winter/spring dress rather than summer.

Flawless T-shirt, €5 (sale)

I remember trying this on ages ago when it wasn't on sale and really liking it, but for some reason I didn't buy it so when I saw it was on sale I just had to get it. Again the colours suit me really well and they go with a lot of my other wintery clothes. 

Printed top, €9.95

This top is made of the softest material ever, it's so comfy and loose and stretchy! So far I've worn it tucked into my denim button-down skirt and I think it worked pretty well.

Black turtleneck, €9.99

I don't know quite what I was thinking when I bought this because I've always kind of hated the feeling of turtlenecks, but it looked really quite fab on me so I decided to get it anyway. I felt super chic and Parisian wearing it!

Spangly dress, €9.99

I still can't get over the price of this dress, it's amazing! The dress itself is quite simple in shape but I think I could end up wearing it on a multitude of occasions, including formal dinners which I'm rapidly running out of things to wear for.

Spangly top, €3

Another bargain, although I'm not quite sure where I'll wear this. But who doesn't need a glittery gold top in their life?

Suede skirt, €19.99

This skirt is a beautiful colour and quite a lot lighter than it looks in the photo. I really have far too many skirts but admittedly none in this particular shape or colour, so it will make a valuable addition to my collection.

Layered necklace (left), €3
Choker, €1 (sale)
Charm necklace, €3

As I was on my way to the till I spotted the jewellery sale and ended up bagging some utter bargains! I really loved how layered necklaces look but they always seem so expensive so I thought this one was excellent for the price, and I also really like the choker on a velvet (!!) ribbon. The charm bracelet is adorable because you can mix and match the charms to create nice combinations, which is an idea I am a fan of.

And that's everything I got!


Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 Goals

Happy New Year! As usual I'm struggling to get my head around the fact that a whole new year has just begun and is stretching out in from of me, but I'm really hoping 2016 will be a fabulous year full of new experiences and just generally good vibes. All in all 2015 was a really big one for me - I passed the EB, graduated from school and started university abroad, which so far has been amazing in itself but it's been challenging to adapt to new things after 12 years of being at the same school and seeing the same group of people every day. It was also a great year for a lot of personal stuff, like figuring out my tastes and interests and actually pursuing them.

Anyway, rather than writing a bunch of New Year's resolutions I thought I'd just jot down a few things I'd like to do/accomplish over this coming year, from really simple little things to the bigger goals.

  • Finish reading ALL my unread books on my shelves
  • Make more effort to stay in contact with people, by which I mean mainly old school friends who I don't want to lose touch with and also my family while I'm at uni
  • Watch Twin Peaks and the rest of The Tudors, plus all the movies on my to-watch list
  • Revamp my wardrobe, by which I mean not just buy more stuff but actually throw stuff out once and for all instead of hoarding everything
  • Keep up with Polyvore and my blog more by dedicating a certain amount of time to blogging and set-making each week
  • Broaden my musical horizons and discover more music that I like
  • Improve my time management skills, especially when it comes to managing reading at uni
  • Say yes to more opportunities
  • Get involved with some kind of charity work to give back to the world

What are your aspirations for the coming year?