Tuesday, 29 December 2015

H&M Party Picks

Earlier today I found myself idly scrolling through various clothing websites including New Look, Topshop, Forever 21 and finally H&M, where I found a lot of really nice and reasonably priced partywear. I've said it before and I'll say it again, H&M is so underrated - I always find amazing stuff there when I go, so I'm hoping to pick up some amazing bargains when I go in the January sales!

Note: the names/descriptions of the items are roughly translated from French because I was on the Belgian website, which is also where the links are to

Long muslin blouse / €24.99 x
This isn't what you might call traditional partywear, but I think it could look amazing with the right accessories - it's one of those pieces you could really dress up or indeed dress down. Also, as my friend would say, it has plenty of eating room which may or may not be important depending on the occasion.

Fringed jacket / €19.99 x
I love this sosososo much oh my goodness. I've been to a lot of formal college dinners this term and I never know quite what to wear over a dress when an actual coat would be too much and a blazer doesn't fit the style of my dress - this would be just the thing. Of course black would be a more practical colour, but I really like this shade of purple, it's gorgeous.

Suede bucket bag / €39.99 x
Admittedly this is quite pricey but I'm sure you could find something similar that isn't in suede. I don't know how practical it would be but I love the shape and the metallic studs and rope.

Long blazer / €24.99 x
I spotted this and had a mild epiphany when I realised that a long blazer is precisely what my wardrobe is lacking. It would be ideal for making really boring outfits slightly more dressy, and just generally to get that effortlessly casual vibe down.

Spangly dress / €29.99 x
Would you just look at this dress, I mean what's not to love? It's full-on spangly so personally I'd probably only wear this for truly fancy events, but it's such a striking piece that is just crying out to be accessorised.

Lace top / €19.99 x
Sometimes you just need a really simple but fancy black top to wear with more exciting bottoms (such as the gold skirt). Plus this is so versatile, I would definitely wear this over shorts on the beach in summer!

Platform sandals / €34.99 x
Having recently purchased my first pair of non-black heels, I am feeling adventurous and I will totally buy these if I can find them in my size! I think metallic is definitely the way to go for parties, especially as it can bling up a more conservative outfit.

Glittery skirt / €14.99 x
Gold glitter? I mean nuff said really.

I hope this has given you some style inspiration for what remains of the party season!


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