Monday, 12 October 2015

Uni Room Tour

Last week was one of the busiest of my life. I moved country, got settled into my accommodation and went to all sorts of events during Fresher's Week at my university. It's been tiring and a lot of fun and it's weird to think that this coming week will be the official start of lectures!

Today I thought I'd share some photos of my room because I'm really quite happy with the way it looks after I decorated it. It's compact but there's an awful lot of storage - to the point where I still have some empty shelves - but that's great because I'm sure I'll acquire more stuff. There are two sections - the main room part with my bed and desk, and the 'dressing area' with the sink and wardrobe which I'll show you at the end.

This is about the widest shot I could get, and I was squashed up against the wall to take it! If you're anything like me the first thing you'll notice are the horrible curtains, which to be honest really detract from the overall effect. Sadly I can't replace them, so I guess I'll have to learn to live with them.

This is my bed area. Please note my awesome pink feathery fairy lights and the snazzy map of the world (I am studying geography after all).

This table/unit has ended up with my clock and some photos on it, as well as my hair stuff (straighteners are actually on my desk). Ideally I'd keep them in the sink part but there aren't any plug sockets there so I can't plug them in, and apparently the smoke detectors are really sensitive so I'm trying to get as far away as possible from mine in order to use heat protectant spray.

On the shelves below I have health/medical stuff in the black box, random things in the basket and cables in the blue box. The bottom shelf is my shoes overflow, plus squash because it's essential.

Woo lighting. These are the shelves next to my bed - I've decided this is where stuff like my books and blanks is going to live, for convenience.

This shelf above the poster is rapidly turning into my food shelf - I've got a few provisions for if I ever miss dinner or feel really hungry during the day or night. 

I realised I had nowhere to put my jewellery, so I got the black hanger thing and hung it on a hook that I stuck on the wall and it seems to be working well so far.

This end of my desk is where all the important things are ending up - piles of papers and stationery (ft. horrible curtains).

The wall you can't seen in any of the photos is quite big so I've stuck these posters on it. I've got the Van Gough exploding TARDIS and one about Shakespearean tragedies that I ended up getting free from the National Theatre.

Here are my clothes - I was surprised that there's actually quite a lot of space for clothes (hard to photograph it all!), and of course I filled most of it instantly.

And finally perhaps the least pretty part of the room - the sink. I'm so glad I have one of these though because it's great for doing my makeup and brushing teeth and such without having to trudge to a communal bathroom every few minutes.

And that's it!



  1. Your room looks great! I recently moved to UCLA from the UK it's so weird living in another country but also such an adventure!

    1. Thank you! It really is, even in the UK where I've been coming on holiday all my life - I think the way you see places changes a lot when you actually come to live there. x

  2. Ohh I love your room! *-* The shelves beside your bed look so convenient!

    I hope you have a great time at uni :)

    1. Thanks Aoife! It's been great so far, a lot of walking uphill to and from lectures but I can live with that. x

  3. Your room is so well organized! Yesterday I pre-wrote a room tour post and its really fun to see other peoples room tours!

    1. Thanks! I know right, I'm always interested in peeking into other people's space x