Friday, 2 October 2015

Uni Haul

In the last couple of months I've seen a plethora (good word don't you think?) of  'back to school'-related blog posts, vlogs, outfit ideas, stationery hauls etc and it definitely put me in the mood for shopping. I never used to associate the whole back to school season with anything other than buying new pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, paper and other miscellaneous stationery items, but this year I'll be off to university (literally leaving tomorrow arghhh!) which involves a whole different type of shopping list - so I thought I'd share a few things I've acquired over the recent weeks that are currently sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be packed.

Thankfully my college is fully catered so I don't need to worry about buying kitchen supplies (and perhaps more importantly feeding myself), but there are a lot of other bits and pieces that are supposedly required for university life, which I have discovered by googling 'what to take to university' and promptly getting overwhelmed. There seem to be an awful lot of things that seem totally unnecessary (to me at least), and a few things I've bought weren't necessarily on the lists, but it's all quite the adventure and I guess I'll work out what I do and don't need fairly quickly!

I'm starting off with just a few essentials in the homeware department - so far I have only actually bought this little plate and mug, which I love because of the pastel colours. I originally wanted to get them in matching colours, but they didn't have both a plate and mug in any one colour and I actually think they look really nice together. I'll probably just pinch a set of cutlery from my kitchen to go with these.

I tried not to go too overboard with stationery, as I'm not entirely sure what I'll be needing and I tend to buy things like folders in the UK anyway, but I couldn't resist picking up a few odds and ends. These ELLE folders, for instance, which I am utterly obsessed with because they are just so stylish and amazing. I also got a few sticky note thingys really cheaply as they are just so useful, a diary for 2015-2016 and some odd pens to add to my pencil case from school.

And now we come to the miscellaneous items! First of all I picked up a mini sewing kit in a cheapish shop, which my friend who goes to boarding school assured me will come in extremely handy. Another fairly sensible thing is a first aid kit, to keep things like lemsip and painkiller in as well as actual bandages and such. Obviously if I'm actually wounded and bleeding I'd get proper medical help but it's just one of those things that's useful to have in life.

I also decided to get an alarm clock (not pictured since it's not all that pretty), because personally I hate relying on my phone - it's easier to just glance at a clock for the time and since it plugs into the mains there's no risk of it losing battery. Other electrical bits I got include an extension lead (exciting I know) and some amazing pink fluffy fairy lights, which I'm not entirely sure if I'll actually be allowed to use in my room but they weren't expensive anyway.

Next I got some storage boxes as I like to keep things neat and organised. I have no idea what I'll put in these yet, but I'm sure I'll find something. After a lot of searching I found a laundry bag type thing which might be a little excessive but hey why not? Plus it's purple.

I also got some new suitcases/holdalls since none of the other luggage we own can fold flat to fit under a bed, which I understand is a useful quirk in a small uni bedroom. Also because the print on the holdall is fabulous, I mean look at it:

I'll probably do another follow-up post in a few months with 'things I should have brought to uni' and/or 'things I didn't need to bring', so look out for that!


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