Saturday, 24 October 2015

Topshop Picks

Lately I've been scrolling through the Topshop website thinking about how I really don't need to go shopping but I also really want to because I love autumn/winter clothes... So I decided to do another picks post to share some of my favourite items.

Cord Button Front A-Line Skirt / €42 x
Yes I know it's just another A-line button-down skirt, but I'm obsessed with this colour. It's exactly the colour of autumn leaves and goes with so many other colours that tend to pop up around this season, like grey and dark green and of course black. This would probably clash horribly with my hair but it's just so beautiful I wouldn't care!

Velvet Lace Playsuit / €44 x
I'm not 100% convinced by this one, but I think it's probably an example of something that looks so much better on because it looked fine on the model. I'm quite partial to a playsuit and I also love velvet, so the combination is ideal really. I would totally wear this to a festive party or as my Christmas day outfit.

Embroidered Ruffle Neck Top / €76 x
I don't think I'd ever pay that much for a top but I really like this. It's plain but not too plain because it has some pretty embroidery in swirly patterns, and the neckline is quite different with the whole ruffle thing it has going on. Also it's burgundy, which is always a plus.

Cord Pinafore Dress / €52 x
I really love how pinafore dresses look, they're simple but chic and remind me of the kinds of things I wore when I was little. I would probably wear this one with a stripy top for a really effortless look, or something more busy underneath. They also had it in blue, but I think black is great for autumn because it's just so versatile and goes with everything. 

Big Floppy Hat / €34 x
I honestly want a hat like this so much! I tried one on the other day and it really suited me, but whenever I consider buying one I always come back to the dilemma of 'what would I do with it if I went out somewhere with it on and wanted to take it off?'. It looks super sophisticated while it's on your head, but practically I'm not sure I'd ever invest in one.

Tassel Saddle Bag / €42 x
This little bag just caught my eye - it's really simple so it would go with lots of outfits, and I really love the colours together plus the gold hardware!

High Neck Flippy Tunic / €26 x
Ah, more of this gorgeous rust colour... For me dresses are such an essential in winter and I love the simple cut of this one. It would go really nicely with an oversized patterned cardigan. 

Waffles Suedette Shorts by Motel / €44 x
Pretty much every shop I've gone into lately seems to have a few items of clothing in this suede-y material this season, and I absolutely love it (not gonna lie, I have a rule where I always have to stop for a second and stroke it if I pass a top or skirt in that material in a shop!). It's so so so soft and beautiful, plus I really like the cut of these shorts.

Scarf Print Tee / €50 x
I kind of love this patten, it's very busy but I like the colours even though purple and red are generally considered to clash. This would be a real focal point for an outfit and it would look great with anything from jeans to a black skirt.

Checked Kilt Shorts / €52 x
Who said shorts are only for summer? Put some tights on and they can see you well into the autumn. I personally would have called these a skort because they look almost like a skirt with the pleats, but I don't suppose it matters. They would work well with a top tucked in or under a jumper.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and just have to tell you how much I love it

    1. Thank you so much! That honestly means a lot xx