Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Songs of the Summer


I haven't done a music-related post in a long while, so I thought I'd take a look back at my summer in terms of what music I've been loving. I'm not massively adventurous with my music taste, but every summer it seems there's always one stand-out artist who I discover and rapidly become obsessed with - last year it was Haim, the year before it was Marina and this summer is was definitely Halsey.

I downloaded her EP Room 93 right at the beginning of the summer and immediately fell in love, especially with Hurricane and Ghost. I hate comparing artists to others, but because I'm terrible as describing music I'm just going to say I think of her as a mix of Lorde and Lana Del Rey, but with more electropop. Her debut album Badlands came out on August 28th and the whole of tumblr went wild for it, including me! My favourite tracks off it are Castle, Roman Holiday and Young God, but to be honest all of them are fabulous. Also can we just appreciate that her real surname is Frangipane? I think that's awesome!

Melanie Martinez
Thanks to my good friend Aoife I came across Melanie a while ago and enjoyed her EP Dollhouse for a long time, but on August 14th she also released her debut album, Cry Baby, which I've been listening to on repeat ever since. I adore the whole concept - the album has a gorgeous aesthetic and each song is based around an 'adult' situation, experienced by the childish character of Cry Baby. The album has a lot of whimsical elements, resulting in a delightful mixture of fairytale and harsh reality. My absolute favourite track has to be Mad Hatter, but I also really like Mrs Potato Head, Pity Party and Dollhouse. You can see the post I did with outfits for each of the songs here!

I found out about Aurora through Polyvore and downloaded her EP Running with the Wolves almost straight away. Her genre is described as electropop by Wikipedia, but it's very understated and melodic, and also quite creepy in places. Aurora is Norwegian and even though I've never been to Norway I feel like I'm transported to some fjord or desolate mountainside whenever I listen to her music, it's magical.

The Veronicas
I can't even remember how I came across The Veronicas, but I wish I had earlier because I really enjoy their music! The first of their songs I listened to was their single Lolita (which I adore! such an upbeat, motivational song), but I've also downloaded their latest self-titled album which I've been loving too.

A few other odd songs I've been listening to a lot over the summer months:

Clay - HANA

Honeymoon - Lana Del Rey

How Strange - Emilie Autumn

Let me know in the comments which artists you've been loving this summer!


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