Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Outfits for Autumn

I was originally going to start this post with 'autumn is well and truly here', but that's not entirely true since it was over 20 degrees today and I was boiling in jeans and a long sleeved top. Having said that, most days have been hovering around the 15 or 16 degree mark, which is enough to need a jacket especially if the wind is blowing, so I feel entirely justified in writing a blog post on autumn fashion.

1. Skirts are my favourite thing to wear in autumn, providing it's not too cold, and of course they can be worn with knee socks or tights. I had to include a button-down skirt in here somewhere and this brown one is perfect for the move away from more summery denim. I'm also really loving heeled Chelsea boots, although I would buy them in black as I literally own nothing that goes with brown!

2. Even in the colder months, dresses are such a go-to as they constitute an entire outfit and require minimum effort - simply throw one on and you look utterly put-together in an instant. I love wearing them with dolly shoes/Mary Janes/whatever you want to call them, as they give such a playful vibe. Also I'm obsessed with this tapestry bag, I wish I could get my hands on it!

3. Shorts are much the same as skirts when it comes to putting tights under them, without the potential risks that gusts of October wind might pose. This outfit is super duper coordinated if I may say so myself, perhaps too much so but all the autumnal colours are so easy to combine!

4. And finally, if it really is a bit too chilly out for skirts etc, I adore these checked trousers for an instant cosy effect. The top picks up the colour of the criss-crossing lines perfectly, and screams out for a long necklace to jazz it up a bit.

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