Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Little H&M Haul


I firmly believe that H&M is one of the most underrated high street fashion stores out there. I'm lucky that the two places where I tend to go shopping have stores that are always well laid out and well stocked, which probably helps (I've never been able to say the same about any H&M store in the UK, funnily enough), but I always manage to find something to buy! But really, where else can you find such a variety of basics, on-trend clothes and smart pieces, and all for a very reasonable price? Having said that I wouldn't say it's my favourite shop, because no matter what season you go in (although summer is obviously the worst) there is always an awful lot of fluorescent crap to sort through to find a few really nice things.

 Dress, €14.99

To be honest this isn't the most flattering fit, but in my opinion the pattern more than makes up for it. I love my dresses so I'm always on the lookout for anything suitable for wearing in autumn/winter, and while I think the fabric of this is a bit too thin for the dead of winter I can tell it's going to be one of my favourite things to wear in the next couple of months.

T-shirt dress, €7.99

I originally tried this on in black and white, thinking it would be a nice long top to wear over leggings but on me it's actually long enough to be worn with tights as a proper dress. The white version was also wayyyy too see-through (why is it that everything white is always so see-through??) so I went for this black and grey striped number instead. This is perhaps the epitome of comfy casual but sometimes that's exactly what you want, especially as the weather gets colder.

Basic Top, €9.99

I absolutely adore this beautiful terracotta colour - it's perfect for autumn. This is just a basic long-sleeved top but it's long enough that it goes really nicely over leggings and I can see it becoming a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Plaid Skirt, €19.99

My life is essentially complete. I've wanted a plaid pleated skirt like this for absolutely ages, but I'd never found one that was quite right in the fit and the pattern and so on. But I was browsing the H&M website the other day when I spotted this I knew I was going to have to track it down next time I was in an H&M, and lo and behold what's the first thing I see when I come up the stairs to the Divided section? This skirt, of which there were only about three left and one of those in my size! I'm sure it was fate so naturally I had to get it. I'll probably wear this a lot with tights and dolly shoes.

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