Thursday, 17 September 2015

H&M Picks

I thought it was about time for another picks post, since I've noticed most shops have got their new seasonal collections in by now which is all very exciting. I've been out and about doing a spot of shopping lately since I'm in the UK, so you can expect a haul sometime soon! For this post I've been scouring the H&M website in search of my favourite pieces - in a recent haul I explained that I really love H&M and I think it's often underestimated as a high street store as there are always such a lot of really excellent staple pieces and 'on-trend' items.

Crop Top / £7.99 x
In case you can't quite read it, this top says 'feminism: the radical notion that women are people' which I think is brilliant because it really shows how ridiculous it is to not identify as a feminist! To be honest I think this would probably be quite see-through, as most white tops tend to be in my experience, but I just love the message and the style of the top.

Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse / £7.99 x
This is just so gaudy and patterned, at first I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it, but I think it's such a statement that it could work really well with a lot of black pieces.

Sweatshirt / £5.99 x
Jumpers like this are so essential for autumn/winter. Lately I've been really attracted to this mustard colour which is basically everywhere at the moment - I would wear this over just plain blue jeans or perhaps with a skirt if I could style it in the right way. Also it's so cheap, I couldn't believe it!

Superstretch Trousers / £14.99 x
I'm definitely going to have to try and find these superstretch trouser things in an actual store because they have them in so many colours and materials, including these faux leather ones which I'm slightly obsessed with. They're just so much more interesting than plain black jeans and just look effortlessly stylish.

Jacquard-patterned Dress / £14.99 x
I've been really loving this type of slightly shapeless shift dress right now, although I think they look a lot better on as opposed to in this picture. They're a little 60s which I love, plus...pockets!

Short Camo Shirt / £12.99 x
Pair this with that pair of leather trousers and you're up and away! I'm quite partial to a bit of camo print myself (I have a crop top, jeans and a jacket in it) as I think it makes a subtle statement, odd as that may sound.

Platform Boots / £24.99 x
To be fair I already own a pair of Chelsea boots, and I already have heels of about this size and chunkiness, but you know what I don't have? Chunky-heeled Chelsea boots! A girl in my Dutch class had a pair similar to these last year and I would spend half the time admiring them and wondering how I could justify that particular purchase...

Short Skirt / £14.99 x
Yes I know it's a button-down skirt (see my post on how to style them here) but look, it's in blue suede which I thought was a bit different because you most often see them in denim! This would look so nice with just a simple striped top and any kind of shoes really. 

Cotton Shirt / £14.99 x
And lastly, I think a basic shirt like this is such a staple for any autumn/winter wardrobe - you can wear it over jeans or leggings, or tucked into a skirt.

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  1. H&M is such a go to place! Even if I'm not looking for anything in particular they always seem to have the missing detail. Like the selection, feel I need to shop now! Xx

  2. I love H&M too, they are my go to shop for summer clothes. I love that dress and the end shirt! I would agree that is underrated but this year on holiday all the people I were with were mainly wearing H&M clothes, the majority of the time the answer to the question 'where's that from' is H&M, but I get what you mean. It's not 'up there' with Topshop, but it should be because they have some damn good clothes!x