Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fashion & Accessories Haul

Recently I was in the UK and of course had to do some pre-uni shopping. I'm also going to do an actual uni-specific haul soon showing you a bunch of stuff I've purchased to take with me, but this is just my standard post-trip haul! Since the disaster with the car on the way back last time we went by train, which meant we had to actually think about what we were buying and not just chuck it all in the boot as per usual. Luckily we bought two largish wheeled holdalls while we were there, so by putting one inside the other and padding the rest of the space out with new purchases we managed to bring back everything we'd bought, ahaha.

Butterfly Top, New Look 915, £12.99

I really love this colour so you'll be seeing a lot of it in this post! I already have an awful lot of things in this colour but for me it's just the ultimate shade for autumn/winter, along with darkish green and grey. This top was from the 915 section in New Look, which I wish we had in the store I go to in Belgium because I always find a couple of nice things there and it has the advantage of being slightly cheaper.

Blue Checked Dress, Primark, £13

I was on the lookout for some dresses because I love wearing them in winter - honestly, all you need is some tights and a cardi and you've got a complete outfit that always makes you look put together, what's not to like? I really loved this one from Primark, it's actually quite a flattering shape when it's on and I like the pocket zipper details.

Cardigan, Primark, £14

Massive woolly cardigans are such an essential in the colder months and this one is in The Colour so I had to have it. Not sure why this pic is so terrible but I'm going with it.

Top, Primark, £10

There are an awful lot of this style of long-sleeved tops (I call them peasant tops but I don't know if that's a thing) around in Primark in the moment so I tried one on and quite liked it. This one is also an actually passable material and not horrible sheer nylon, so I decided to get it. Also this is basically the same colour as my bedroom walls, so I would probably blend into the paintwork.

Grey Checked Dress, Matalan, £14

I now have about four checked dresses but apparently that isn't enough so here's another one. I'm often surprised by what you can find in Matalan when you look hard enough because it isn't the most fashionable of shops! I really love this, especially the material because it feels extra cosy.

Makeup Bag, Primark, £3 & Grey Jeans, Matalan, £12

Another Matalan purchase, these jeans were from the kids section which I find is always worth a look because it can be that bit cheaper. I found a similar pair in the adults which were about £10 more but didn't fit as well as these, so it's a win-win. I also picked up this beautiful rose-gold makeup bag to replace my current one which has reached that stage of being covered in smudges and foundationy fingerprints, lovely.

Loafers, River Island, £15 (sale)

For some reason I rarely ever find anything I like in River Island, but these shoes really caught my eye. They were down from £28 so practically half-price, and they feel like reasonably good quality. Having said that they're quite painful with bare feet so I'll probably wear them with tights and dresses.

Wellies, Matalan, £15

Finally I got this pair of actually quite stylish wellies, which are intended to protect my feet against the rain and snow up north later this winter. The fabric bit is super fleecy inside so my ankles were melting slightly when I tried these on, but to be honest that's just what you want when there's snow on the ground.

I also got miscellaneous bits like pyjamas, leggings, socks, tights etc which weren't interesting enough to photograph, and a black 'formal' dress and a huge winter coat which were too difficult to photograph. Look out for a couple more haul posts coming soon!



  1. I love all the things you bought, especially the cardigan! I really want a big cardigan like that but I want one with a pattern on it, I wish I could just knit it myself. Also I love your wellies, they're adorable!:)x

    1. Thanks, oversized cardigans are the absolute best! And gosh that would be awesome, I remember my grandma tried to teach me to knit years ago but I've completely forgotten all of it by now, ahaha x