Monday, 14 September 2015

Books I'm Taking to Uni


When you own several hundred books, all of which are your babies and which you sometimes find yourself staring lovingly up at in awe, it's almost impossible to pick just a few. But sadly soon that's exactly what I'll have to do when I pack up my stuff to move to university in the UK.

I've been informed by many people that there's no time to read at uni, but I am one of those people who always find time for the things I enjoy and reading is definitely one of them. Even if it's just for fifteen minutes or half an hour in the evening before I go to sleep, I like to incorporate some reading time into my day to relax and wind down away from screens. And if I managed to do it during the height of final exams season at school I'm sure I'll be able to fit it in somewhere!

But this still leaves me with the impossible decision of which few to select, since I know I'll only have a limited amount of space to transport and store these books, and though this list is by no means final I think I've managed to narrow it down to just a few.

By a complete and happy coincidence these are all rather colour-coordinated (and a bit Christmassy too?), but I definitely didn't choose them based on colour! I wanted to take only stand-alone novels, so no odd instalments in long series, and mostly ones I haven't yet read.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I keep meaning to read this ever since I bought it earlier in the year, but I've never got round to it so I thought it might as well come with me to uni. I haven't seen the film yet either, but I really want to so I need to get on and read this sometime soon.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
I have actually read this, but only a couple of times and I was planning to reread it again in the near future anyway. It's one of the more densely written books that I would ever come back to, but having watched the 1997 film recently I felt the urge to read the original story again.

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
I've wanted to read this for an awfully long time and now I have this absolutely stunning copy I can't wait to get started! I honestly cannot get over how beautiful this book is though, it's all gold shiny bits and curly writing and dramatic colours - gorgeous.

The King's Sister by Anne O'Brien
Of course I was going to have to take some historical fiction with me! This one is about the Plantagenets and is centred around Elizabeth of Lancaster, which is a period I'm not all that familiar with yet.

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
A modern classic, and one I've been meaning to read for some time as well.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
I've had this for ages and ages and AGES, but I've never felt it calling when I come to pick a new book to start. Hopefully taking it with me will actually make me read it!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt
This looks so interesting and it's another one where the book itself is quite beautiful. The cover has a kind of tactile rubbery surface which is nearly appealing as the blurb for me, haha.



  1. a few of these are on my list as well - lolita, gone girl and the secret history!

    danielle | avec danielle