Monday, 10 August 2015

Zodiac Tag


I recently saw this zodiac-themed tag/set of questions on Polyvore and I thought it was really neat and original, so I decided to do it as a blog post!

• What or who is your inspiration?
I would say mostly people and their creations, like I'm inspired by anyone who is artistic and really commits themselves to their art, whether it's drawing, painting, writing, singing or even blogging!
• Do you often have a short-temper? 
I don't often lose my temper, I tend to just kind of detach myself from the situation or get really passive-aggressive.
• Do you often have days where you either hot or cold with anybody, not in-between?
I suppose so, not often though.

• What’s something you have a very strong opinion about?
Social justice, feminism, equality, education, mental health-related topics etc.
• Would people consider you to be materialistic?
Probably, I like being surrounded by home comforts and I shop A LOT.
• Is it hard for you to accept change? 
Yes, I like to stick to a routine and I don't get bored easily so when change comes it can be destabilising.

• What would someone have to do in order to catch your attention?
I suppose stand out from the crowd? Kind of an ambiguous question really...
• Do you often feel at war with two different aspects of yourself? 
• Would people consider you to be flighty?
No, I tend to be focused and determined.

• What gets you emotional?
Everything, I cry at movies, books, random thoughts that occur to me, and I cry just as much when I'm happy as when I'm sad, haha.
• Are you family orientated in everything you do?
• Do you feel the need to be needed? 
I suppose so, but I think nearly everyone does.

• What are you best at?
Being organised, keeping things tidy, keeping on top of things, planning etc. I like to think I have an eye for design too but that might be wishful thinking!
• Do people often assume you’re pretentious? 
I have no idea.
• Do you hate being alone? 
No, I enjoy my own company.

• Name an interesting fact about yourself. 
Ugh I hate this question because I can never tell if a 'fact' is interesting or not or if it sounds like I'm boasting about something... I'm just going to say I can swear in six languages and leave it at that.
• Do you often over analyze simple situations?
Haha yep, all the time.
 • Are you often sceptical? 
Yes, I think I have a very sceptical outlook on life and people's motivations.

• How far would you go to make someone feel better?
As far as is practical? 
• Do others consider you to be stuck up?
How am I supposed to know?? I hope not.
• Do you often try to find common ground when in a political debate?
Not usually, I tend to just push my point and get annoyed when people don't agree with me.

• Do you believe in love at first sight? 
• Would you often call yourself a moody person? 
My family probably would, I don't know about anyone else.
• Do you tell it like it is to your friends? 
Depends what, I probably sugarcoat a lot of things in reality.

• What’s your biggest goal in life? 
To be happy, financially stable and passionate about my job. Also write a bestselling novel and probably go into politics to change everything I don't like about the world (unlikely).
• Are you often humorous?
Apparently I sometimes am without trying to be, so yeah I suppose so.
• Would you like to go on many adventures?
Sure, but only if you give me advance warning and let me pack a bag first.

• Are you someone who trusts easily? 
I don't think so.
• Are you self-sufficient?
Obviously not in terms of money, food, home etc, but I'm perfectly happy to spend a lot of time alone.
• Do you often conceal yourself from the world around you?
Again, ambiguous but I guess so? 

• How loyal are you to other people? 
Very loyal if they deserve my loyalty.
• Do you come across as cold and aloof at times?
Probably, very.
• Do you often think about the complexities of life? 
All the time.

• Do you hide how you feel or do you speak your mind?
Depends on the situation, I'd say about 50/50.
• Have you ever given it your all just to have someone walk away from your life? 
• Do you have any skills or interests in the arts? 
I'm interested but skill-less.

About You
• What sign are you? 
• What sign is your best friend?
Scorpio and Sagittarius
• What sign is the person you like/significant other? 
No such person
• Do you believe in astrology?
Most of the time, I don't believe in daily horoscopes but in my experience I find things like birth charts tend to be scarily accurate.
• If you could change your sign would you? 
No, I love being the water-bearer ahahaha.

I tag anyone reading this!


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