Saturday, 22 August 2015

Things to do this Summer


I was going to publish this a while ago as the end of the summer is already in sight, but since I for one still have six weeks of holiday here you are anyway. I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to get up and do something productive during the summer, and I tend to get stuck in unproductive ruts which last for days or weeks. So here are a few ideas of things to do that are easy, (mostly) free, and best of all don't require leaving your house - but hopefully they'll also provide you with a sense of actually having done something that day.

Start a blog
I started bibliophilia at the beginning of summer 2013 as a kind of project for the summer and it was such a nice way to fill the days. What I love about blogging is that it can be anything you want it to be: some people blog solely about beauty and/or fashion, others do reviews or DIYs or more writing-based posts. And don't ever feel like you have to follow a strict formula or stick to a certain type of blogging that you've seen around, just allow yourself to get inspired to be creative in your own space.

Clear out your wardrobe
I do this fairly often even though I don't always throw much out, and I'm actually planning to do a thorough clearout sometime in the next few days. My standard rule is to get rid of anything that I can't remember the last time I wore it, or if I know it's not my style any more. Best of all it means you're making space for new clothes!

Make an account on a new social media site
Maybe this isn't the most productive pastime in the world but very few people who don't enjoy scrolling through some type of social media and it can definitely while away the hours. My favourites are tumblr, polyvore and instagram, but there are so many more to get stuck into including twitter, pintrest, wattpad, goodreads and lots more.

Try a new recipe
I love baking when I have a lot of time on my hands - I find the whole process really therapeutic and best of all you get to sample the results! Cooking is such a life skill and what better time to master a few simple recipes than over the summer holidays.

Do something creative
e.g. tie-dye a T-shirt, make a birthday card, create a scrapbook page, do a photoshoot etc. I'm currently in the process of making some aromatherapy candles from a kit I found in my basement, it's been really fun to decorate the little jars and such.

Challenge yourself to read a whole book in a day
I often do this on days where I have literally nothing to do, usually when it's too hot outside to consider doing anything other than lying in front of a fan. If you pick one you really get into, you'll be surprised how easy it is to whizz through a novel.


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