Sunday, 30 August 2015

How to Style: Button-Down Skirts


If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last few months you may have noticed that (love them or hate them) these button-down skirts have become a major trend. As the weather gets colder I've noticed them beginning to materialise in the autumn/winter collections of high street stores such as New Look and Topshop, and I have to admit I've tried a couple on. But somehow I can never figure out what I'd wear one with, so I decided to play around with some possible combinations on Polyvore.

1. Thanks to tumblr I can't help but associate these skirts with the whole 'art hoe' aesthetic, which includes taking photos in art galleries, collecting books about artists, wearing things like block colours, striped tops, artsy socks, and Kanken rucksacks. Personally I think the whole thing is adorable and I just wish mustard was more my colour, so in honour of my appreciation the first of these outfits is decidedly 'art hoe'. Button-down skirts look great with a simple patterned top, and this stripy one would look nice tucked in too.

2. This type of skirt might be on the casual side of things, but I think you could easily dress them up with any kind of smartish top, heels, bling and a little evening bag. The effect probably wouldn't work quite as well with the traditional denim skirt but they come in all materials and colours, such as this red corduroy one.

3. Button-down skirts don't necessarily have to be stiff denim either - this one is much softer, more summery and potentially more flattering. It would look great with a little crop top, such as this patterned one which complements the colour scheme, and some matching accessories. I also love the detail of the alternating button colours.

4. Although they tend to be displayed with autumnal colours, there's no reason why you couldn't put together a really 'girly' look with a button-down skirt. White ones make this especially easy as they're extremely versatile - I've paired this one with a pink gingham crop top, some adorable cat flats and a novelty purse, perhaps a little inspired by Kailey of Mermaidens blog.

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  1. all of these looks are amazing and so well put together. and i love all your descriptions! they're so detailed, and you seem so aware of colors and lines as they pertain to clothing

    1. Gosh thank you so much, that's honestly such a compliment! x

  2. I wish mustard colours suited me more too! I love the first and third outfit and the shoes from the last one are adorable!x

    1. Thanks! I was actually so close to buying a mustard jumper thing in H&M today because it looked reasonably okay on me but at the last minute I got cold feet and put it back, ahahaha x