Sunday, 16 August 2015

Forever 21 Picks


It's time for another picks post, and this time I've been lusting after basically the whole of the contents of the Forever 21 site. This is doubly tragic because we no longer have an actual store in Brussels so I can't even go out and hunt any of these down, but I thought I'd share my favourite items with you anyway.

starting from top left

Collarless Faux Leather-Panelled Coat / 26.57 x
This coat is so simple but also so chic and elegant - a timeless piece, if you will. I think it would be suitable for multiple occasions because it falls nicely between casual and smart, in a 'not too overdressed but still looking like you mean business' kind of way.

Pleated Houndstooth Midi Skirt / €21 x
I love houndstooth patterns and I love how midi skirts look - they produce a beautiful silhouette. For some reason I don't think I'd ever be able to pull them off, but even so I really adore this skirt and for me it's another classic item of clothing.

Abstract Arrow Flounce Romper / €16 x
This playsuit is just so adorable I can't get over it. It's loose and flowy so in my opinion it's an ideal summer piece, plus I'm told that kind of blue brings out my eyes (which are grey, but anyway).

Longline Tartan Plaid Shirt / €21 x
I love plaid shirts and I love them 900 times more if I can get away with wearing them as dresses over tights. So far I only have one that's long enough (and about 6 that aren't), but even if this red one turned out to be just your average shirt length I'd still love it because I really like the colour.

Striped Zipper-Back Crop Top / €14 x
This is such a simple piece, perhaps not a staple but I imagine this would be really useful to have in your wardrobe. I'd wear it with a denim skirt or jeans, or with skater skirts.

Ruffled Trim Polka Dot Blouse / €19.50 x
I'm having visions of wearing this shirt tucked into some plain grey trousers with that black coat over the top and a pair of sleek heels and my Michael Kors bag on one arm - how utterly sophisticated would that look? Gah I think I'm turning into a 30-year-old office worker, send help please...

Peter Pan Collar Plaid Dress / €23.50 x
This dress is so me it's ridiculous, I mean plaid, a collar and a slightly pleated skater skirt, what more could you want?

Contrast-Collared Dress / €21 x
Okay so I do already have a Wednesday Addams-esque dress, but it shrank in the wash and is now basically unwearable so I'm in the market for a new one because for me it is an utter wardrobe staple. As far as I can tell this one is beautifully structured, and I also love the contrast of the white edging on the sleeves.

Lace-Trimmed Floral Shorts / €15 x
Something about these shorts really appeals to me, the pattern is lovely and the lace edging just finishes them off beautifully. They would look so nice with just a simple plain white top for an effortless summery outfit!

Faux Leather Loafers / €22 x
I feel like these picks are all quite sophisticated, but these shoes take the biscuit. Even thought they're pretty inoffensive, they're the kind of thing I wouldn't have been seen dead in a year ago (I was too cool and 'alternative'). I think my sudden desire to look 'grown up' might have something to do with heading off to university in the near future...

Quilted Velveteen Crossbody / €14.70 x
This is probably my dream bag, in that it's velvet, quilted and the colour of my bedroom walls (well, two of them). It's rare for me not to opt for black bags, but I'm starting to see what people mean when they talk about adding 'a pop of colour' to an outfit, ahaha.

Faux Suede T-Strap Pumps / €26 x
I don't know what it is about T-strap shoes but I desperately want some, besides the Mary Janes I already own I mean. I love the slightly vintage vibe and these ones are also quite practical (for high heels) because of the straps, as I am terrible at walking in heels unless there is some sort of strap keeping them on my feet. Wouldn't they go nicely with that blouse and jacket though?

Hope you enjoyed my Forever 21 picks!


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