Friday, 7 August 2015

Clothes & Accessories Haul


This is the second part of the mighty UK haul, containing clothes, accessories and a few other miscellaneous things - see the first part (books & DVDs) here. Just to be clear this is the result of three or so mini shopping trips (one to Primark and Topshop, one to H&M and one to New Look) and not a major spending spree or anything quite so extravagant! (Although I would probably do that)

Jurassic World Tshirt, £6

I don't usually go in for the branded clothes you find in Primark, but when I spotted this I knew I had to have it. Not only do I love the whole Jurassic Park franchise, I actually like the tshirt - it's comfortable and if nothing else at least has pyjama potential.

Denim Playsuit, £12

Before I went shopping I had idly scrolled through some of the Primark website, just in case I spotted anything worth hunting down, and this little denim playsuit was top of my list. It's a really soft fabric, which I like as it's a nice alternative to thick ordinary denim dungarees and perfect in hot weather.

Striped Top, £4 / Patterned Top, £4

I admit it, I caved and bought one of those round neck black and white striped tshirts that seem to be all the rage on tumblr these days. That said, it has instant casual potential with the right skirt or pair of jeans - a wardrobe staple, if you will. The tank top goes beautifully with my hair and is just one of those basic Primark tanks that I always pick up (I am in fact wearing a daisy print one as I type this).

Mary Janes, £10

My patent 'leather' school shoes have seen better days after a few rainstorms (and getting covered in champagne at the end of the school year - nice) and as they are probably my favourite shoes I decided in invest in another pair. Anyone who is a half shoe size will know my struggle (38.5/5.5 right here), but I always think it's better to opt for the bigger size when it comes to Primark shoes as they're unlikely to stretch with your feet.

Black Bag, £3.50 / Blue Purse, £3
Makeup Sponges, £1.50 / Eyeshadow Brush, £1 / Fast Dry Nail Varnish Spray, £0.80

The little bag is really only big enough for a phone and a packet of tissues, but for me black bags are such a necessity and I have one in pretty much every shape and size. I also needed a new purse to replace my current (broken) one. Next I idly browsed the makeup section (which I don't usually waste money on because obviously the quality is terrible), and ended up getting some makeup sponges and a brush - this is because I don't own any makeup brushes and I'm planning to experiment a bit with concealer application and such. Finally I spotted what claims to be nail polish fast dry spray, which I can see becoming a favourite product of mine if it works and if it doesn't it only cost 80p anyway!

Black and White Trousers, Topshop, £7 (sale) 

I don't think I've ever bought anything from Topshop that wasn't in the sale - I don't know if that's a testament to my sale shopping skills or cheapness, but anyway. These are decidedly more on the trousers side of leggings, as they're quite thick and ought to be good for the colder weather - I did keep in mind while shopping that I'll be heading 'up north' to uni next year and probably ought to adapt my wardrobe accordingly. Speaking of which I am SO READY for colder weather to come back, I'm sick of wearing shorts and not being able to layer and wear plaid dresses and such.

Jumper, H&M, £5 (sale)

Never mind next year, I actually wore this a few times while I was in the UK as we had some simply awful weather and I'd packed for 25 degrees plus just after getting back from Corfu. I actually have some loose trousers in this exact print from H&M, and while I definitely wouldn't wear them together it would be quite the outfit statement!

Top, H&M, £3 (sale) / Floral Skirt, H&M, £2 (sale)

To be honest these were both a case of 'omg look how cheap it is, lets get it', and for £5 together I don't think I can possible regret buying either of these. I'm fairly sure the skirt is actually the same style as the yellow one and the black and white one from my last clothes haul. 

iPad Case, H&M, £4 (sale)

Having acquired my mum's old iPad all of half an hour beforehand (when she got a new one, which was actually the purpose of this trip), I spotted this case in the sale in H&M and decided it was fate. I do actually quite like it too, although I have set my heart on getting my hands on this 'Lorde art history' one eventually.

Terracotta Top, New Look, £6 (sale) / Top, New Look, £7.99

My final shopping trip was to New Look, where I picked up these two tops. I think they're both quite basic and useful pieces - I especially love the denimy one, but I wish they'd had it in an 8 as the 6 I got is fairly tight but still definitely wearable.

I also got some tights, underwear, plain black leggings etc but to be honest they're not that interesting to look at. This is probably the last of my hauls for the summer - unless my mum decides I need new clothes for uni and treats me - because to be frank I have spent quite enough lately!


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