Sunday, 19 July 2015

Topshop Dresses Picks


The other day I was browsing the Topshop website intending to do a general picks post, and fell completely in love with so many of their dresses that I figured I may as well dedicate a whole post to my favourites. I wear dresses all the time, from floaty summer ones with sandals in summer and thicker fabrics with tights and boots in winter - I love that they constitute an entire outfit and can often create quite a statement, also requiring minimal effort. Here are my current top picks from the Topshop website:

Tiara Dress by Motel / €46 x
I nearly bought this earlier in the year as I had a Topshop voucher I'd got for my birthday, and I'm kind of regretting not getting it because I love it so much. The cut is similar to the one I eventually got, which I love, and the print is just so cutesy. It's really versatile-looking, I feel like you could wear this all year round with the appropriate shoes and accessories.

Ice-Cream Dress by Motel / €52 x
This would probably look terrible with my complexion but look how awesome it is?? All over sequins, and such a delicate pale pink - it really does remind me of ice-cream.

Elephant Print Dress by Band of Gypsies / €55 x
I really like ethnic prints like this. I would probably wear this with just fringed sandals and a simple gold necklace, as the print is quite bold and interesting already.

Cecil Slip Dress by Motel / €46 x
This simple slip dress would be perfect for lazy summer days as it's loose, breezy and easy to style. The floral print has almost vintage vibes and I love the cornflower blue.

Crochet Bodycon Dress / €36 x
I had to include this because I think it's just so fun and odd-looking, with quite the 70s vibe if I'm not mistaken. I like it a lot but to be honest I have no idea when I'd wear it or what with.

Jersey Swing Dress by Glamorous / €26 x
This paisley print is definitely one for the autumn, as the colours remind me of fallen leaves. I think it has the potential to be dressed up or down - also it's the cheapest of the lot!

Colour-Block Cami Slip Dress by Unique / €117 x
The simple block colours of this dress are really visually appearing to me, especially in contrast with the rest of the patterned ones in these picks.

Folk Print Shift Dress by Glamorous / €38 x
What was I just saying about pattern? This actually reminds me of a similar dress I tried on in Primark last year with the colours and baroque-ish print (I say ish because that's what my brain is telling me but I don't think it's 100% correct).

Angie Velvet Minidress by Unique / €225 x
I love anything velvet, and I feel like this would be the ultimate little black dress - perfect for dressing up or down and nice for cooler weather.

Mia Lace Dress by TFNC / €60 x
This is perfect wedding attire in my opinion, and the skirt looks like it would flare beautifully. I only wish I'd seen this in time for my cousin's wedding back in April, or indeed for graduation as I think it would have been ideal for that too.



  1. Such a nice post! Myself, I like Cecil Slip Dress by Motel the best. :) it truly does have vintage vibes. :)

  2. I adore the black one! I'm always drawn to black clothes.. probably because they go with everything and look flattering!
    Rachel Coco