Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Summery Haul


Today I did that thing where you walk around a shopping centre for hours and look through racks of clothes on sale and end up spending a lot of money. Actually it was less than I imagined at the end of the day because sometimes sales prices do that wonderful thing of being lower than it says on the tag, which is always a nice surprise. Since my local shopping centre is pretty limited in the options I mostly bought stuff in H&M, which is currently really good for cheap summery stuff, and summery stuff is definitely what I need right now given that it's 30+ degrees outside and I'm sitting in the dark with the blinds down trying to keep the heat out.

Long-sleeved top / €3

Admittedly this isn't the kind of thing you want to be wearing in 30 degree heat, but I really like the colours and lace bit at the bottom. And for €3 you really can't go wrong.

Blouse / €7

Again, not exactly beachwear but I really like the monochrome pattern and shape of this blouse, I think it'll be nice just over jeans when the weather's cooler.

Tank tops / €9.99 each

These tank tops were exactly the kind of thing I'd set out to get - simple, flowy, perfect with shorts and definitely summery!

Dress / €7

This pattern does look quite scary on the hanger but it looks a lot better on. Besides, I'm only planning on wearing it around the house or to the beach.

Yellow skirt / €5 and Striped skirt / €3

I kind of fell in love with this yellow skirt, which is odd because yellow is one of those colours I tend to avoid like the plague when it comes to clothing. Neither am I generally a fan of ditsy prints but this was just adorable to pass up. The black and white one is a bit less daring (ha) and I think I'll wear it a lot.

Shorts from Pull & Bear / €9.99

Even though I have more than enough pairs of shorts, I couldn't resist these ones! They are one of my favourite colours and will go with a lot of things, I'm hoping.

Sunglasses / €6.99

Ahahaha excuse the awkward selfie, but how cool are these sunglasses? I was on the lookout for some round ones and I spotted these, which are not only round but have awesome mirrored bits. I have no idea if they suit my face or not and I don't really care to be honest! Also I dyed my hair yesterday, it's a very dark red but I'm not sure if that comes across on the photo.

I'm actually going shopping tomorrow as well so I may well have another haul soon!



  1. I love the shirt and yellow skirt! I really wanted to buy some skirts for summer the other day and completely forgot now seeing this post has reminded me!x

  2. That first shirt is adorable and I really like the shorts :)


  3. I love it when sale prices turn out to be lower than what the tag says! Really love that black and white blouse!

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