Saturday, 25 July 2015

Internetspiration #1


Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the visual inspiration the internet has to offer, especially when it comes to tumblr which has a staggering quantity of content uploaded each day. I tend to save pictures to a folder called 'inspiration' whenever an image strikes me as particularly unique, interesting, or just aesthetically pleasing, and the other day I realised I had a wealth of what I consider to be inspiring images saved up that I might as well share!

all images sourced from (I realise that's not great sourcing but hey)

The original caption is 'A Shrine to Emotional Stability' by Emily Kendall - I love this concept

Meadham Kirchhoff LFW FW14

Lily-Rose Depp's shoot for Chanel, there are no words

Possible hair goals?

60s students in Amsterdam

Twiggy looking fabulous

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 details



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  2. I love these posts *-*The image of the water machine and flowers is beautiful and so is the image of the 60s students! I want to make my own folder now :P

    1. Haha go ahead! I also love that one with the flowers, I think it probably has some sort of deep significance and meaning but I just love the aesthetics of it tbh :P

  3. I could scroll through tumblr for hours looking at the pictures, some of these are just outstanding!