Monday, 22 June 2015

Urban Outfitters Decor Picks


Recently I was casually browsing the Urban Outfitters website (read: procrastinating revision) and I got completely sucked into their 'apartment' section and particularly the decor. I know the majority of it is overpriced and I could probably achieve the same effect myself with a little DIY, or find similar items for much cheaper at vintage markets - but I can't help my inner tumblr girl loving every bit of it.

I do still really like the way my room is decorated at the moment (it's white and dark pink with white furniture), but I did it back when I was 12 or 13 so I think if I could completely redecorate it now I would probably do it very differently. One day I'd like to live in a space with whitewashed exposed brick and wood floors, just very simple and clean with pops of colour - so with that in mind, here are my top picks from the decor section:

 Travel Scratch Map, $24

I saw this in the Urban Outfitters store here in Belgium a while ago and desperately wanted one, but when I made myself think practically I realised I don't actually have any spare wall space in my room, since I have built in cupboards, shelves, sloping ceilings etc. But my room at uni will be another story, so I may well pick up one of these this summer before I go.

Magical Thinking Menageri Medallion Tapestry $49

This screams hippie chic tumblr like nothing else but I love it. Purple is my favourite colour and as you may have seen in this post, I've recently discovered a liking for orange so colour-scheme wise this is beyond perfect.

Macaron Box $10

Are these not the most precious, beautifully pastel and iridescent but also massively overpriced little boxes you've ever seen? They're the trinket boxes to trump all trinket boxes and I want all of the colours.

Invisible Book Shelf $16

These are so simple but would look really cool with the right books against the right background. I've actually acquired a lot of bigger, non-fiction books lately so these would be ideal for displaying them. 

Painted Woodblock Wall Shelf $49

I really, really love this. It's so artsy and chic I just can't get over it! The colours of the drawers are subtle but make it look really interesting and thrify, especially with the different drawer knobs. I imagine this is the kind of thing to have in your hallway to hang coats and accessories on, but it would work just as well in a bedroom.

Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard $49

This is similar in style to the previous item but I love the chalkboard element - so useful for writing messages and to-do lists on. The overall vibe is so zen, even though it looks like it's been taken right out of a 1940s schoolroom. 

Magical Thinking Pyramid Shelf $129

Speaking of zen, the first picture above is a little snapshot of the effect I'd aim to achieve if I was decorating a space with this type of decor. It looks like a little shrine to something - peace and relaxation, maybe. Otherwise this shelf is such a novel shape, I think with a few of them you could achieve a really unusual and interesting effect.

Astrological Jewellery Stand $20

I just think this looks incredibly cool, not to mention it doubles up as the ultimate fake hand for a prank!

Magical Thinking Velvet Fringe Pillow $49

Velvet and tassels are all I need in a cushion. I'm picturing a couple of these, perhaps in purple and blue too, all spread out on a sofa in front of the tapestry I talked about above - the perfect zen den.

Magical Thinking Una Curtain $49

There's something witchy about these curtains and I am all about it. The pattern also looks a little bit like a cross between constellations and a kind of geometric print, which I think works surprisingly well.

So that is what I would buy from Urban Outfitters if I had an empty room to furnish and at least $450 to spare, not to mention the cost of actual furniture like tables and chairs and a bed. But never say never, since maybe when I get my own place I'll be able to create my dream space!



  1. Oh my god I love looking at home decor. I could spend days just browsing kitchen ware, I don't have a kitchen though that I'm allowed to decorate but you know, just being prepared for the future. I love the chalkboard thing, that is so cool!x

    1. I know right?? Home decor is just so satisfying, it's so exciting to think of the different ways you could use it to create an effect, like with colour schemes and such. I think I'd really enjoy being an interior designer :'D