Saturday, 27 June 2015

Review: the Newsette


I had my last exam yesterday, which means this is officially the first day of the summer holidays for me! I still have to go back to school for graduation next week, but I'm really looking forward to that actually - I'll probably do a really emotional post about leaving school behind blah blah blah. Now that I have more time on my hands, I can dedicate a lot more of it to blogging and hopefully come up with some interesting and creative ideas for posts. Having said that, I'm proud that I managed to more or less keep blogging through the entirety of the exam period!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about a fashion/lifestyle newsletter I signed up to a month or so ago, the Newsette. Someone on Polyvore sent me a message asking me to check it out, so I googled it and easily found the website.

It basically does what it says on the tin: it's a newsletter with four main parts (things to do, things to know, best pics on instagram and some sort of list of tips or must-have items) that is completely free of charge and drops into your inbox every day. 

The first section is short and generally comprises a link to another website, and ranges from anything from frizz-resistant hairstyle ideas to how to eat healthy at Dunkin' Donuts. This is followed by a few somewhat frivolous news items, mostly to do with celebrities, viral news stories or videos, or general current events, each with a link to find out more if the brief summary catches your attention. The 'best pics on Instagram' section is a nice visual element, often featuring well-known bloggers such as Kristina Bazan (who seems to be featured in every other edition). The last section is a bit more miscellaneous, including features such as music awards highlights, fashion must-haves, tips for flawless skin, smmer bucket lists, hairstyles, most buzzed about beauty products and lots more. You can find examples of past issues on the 'archives' section of the website.

Basically, the Newsette is the ultimate accessory reading material for your typical Starbucks-going American girl: it comes straight to your smartphone 'before you grab your morning latte'. It's light-hearted, fun, takes about a minute to scan through and gives you a few little windows into the worlds of fashion, makeup and the internet. Given it's completely free I think it's worth a quick sign up, just for the knowledge that something short and sweet will drop into your inbox every day.

The only actual criticism I have is that it's so American-orientated: mine arrives mid afternoon, which roughly corresponds to early to late morning in the States, which isn't a problem in itself but the whole 'before you grab your morning latte' is slightly redundant. I think it would be a nice idea if each subscriber could set their time zone and receive the newsletter when they want.

All in all I'm glad I took a couple of seconds to sign up to the Newsette - click here to go to the website for more information.


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  1. Hi Sophie! We really enjoyed reading this review. We hope you're still a daily reader!

    Newsette HQ