Saturday, 2 May 2015

Polyvore Lately 2


I don't tend to post many of my Polyvore sets on my blog since they're all over on my account anyway, but today I just wanted to share a couple with you and gloat slightly about a recent Big Deal that happened.

Most of my sets tend to be your standard collage sets, in which I use a lot of coordinating pictures with some text windows and then a matching outfit, but recently I decided to get a little more creative. One of the ideas I had was to try and make a quote out of words cropped from colourful text items, and after hours of fiddling about trying to find the words I needed I eventually came up with this:

The quote itself is kind of meaningless, at least to me, but I love the visual effect and apparently a bunch of people did too cause the set got included in the top Art & Expression sets for April 30th! This is essentially a collection made by the official Polyvore account of the best sets from users within each category (Art & Expression, Fashion, Beauty, and Home). Given the sheer volume of sets that are published every day it's quite an honour to have your set included in the top sets, which is why I was over the moon. Also, it got over 640 likes which smashed my own personal record of just under 200 on a single set or collection, and I gained a ton of lovely new followers. I realise most of this is meaningless unless you have Polyvore, but I just wanted to post about it because I'm so happy and proud!

It also reminded me that I had a couple of my sets included in the top sets before, so I trawled through my account to find them:

In Top Art & Expression Sets for Jan 14th 2013

In Top Art & Expression Sets for March 7th 2013

I can't even describe how much I love using Polyvore as a creative outlet: the possibilities are truly endless and there's so much to be inspired by - it's definitely one of my favourite websites of all time. I also love the community that's sprung up around it and how supportive everyone is of each other, I've made a ton of friends over the years.

Here's to many more top sets!


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