Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fashion Fancies: Wednesday Addams


Life is crazy at the moment, I'm frantically trying to get general school-related things out of the way so I can focus on my final exams but everything is so hectic! Hopefully it will all work out in the end, but until then I think I'll be in a permanently frazzled state.

Anyway, this is the third instalment in my 'Fashion Fancies' series, where I take a fictional or historical character and create some outfits for them that I imagine they would wear. Check out my attempts at dressing Catherine Howard and Cathy Dollanganger, I'm quite proud of the results!

This time I thought I'd put some outfits together for the Wednesday Addams, one of the main characters of the Addams Family whose creepiness and kookiness are legendary. They are a group of fictional characters created by the American cartoonist Charles Addams, but they're probably best recognised from the 1964 TV series and the more recent films from the 90s. Last year I had a major Addams Family craze and watched nearly all the episodes on YouTube before they got taken down, and for Christmas I actually got the boxset of DVDs which I've admittedly yet to watch. I adore the character of Wednesday (although my all-time favourite has to be Morticia), so I decided to try and come up with some outfits for her.  

1. Funeral
Given her whole fascination with death and all things macabre, I imagine Wednesday would feel quite comfortable at a funeral - but that's no excuse for not dressing well, so this black tailored dress would be perfect. In the TV series she is supposed to be 6 years old, so school shoes and socks are a must.

2. Moonbathing
I love the episode in the TV series where it starts with Morticia and Gomez moonbathing, just as we normal human beings would do in the sun. I  feel like the whole family are slightly vampire-like in that they're all so pale and creepy, so it wouldn't surprise me if they couldn't withstand direct sunlight, although it's not ever stated. This would be Wednesday's take on a summer outfit: all black and moonhat essential.

3. Lazybones
Wednesday and Pugsley don't go to school after the first episode of the TV series, so I suppose Wednesday has a lot of time on her hands to just lounge around and scroll through Tumblr. Dresses are just about my favourite thing to wear, but leggings and a slouchy jumper are so much more practical for a day in front of your laptop - and there's no reason at all why it shouldn't be adorned with skeleton print.

4. Everyday
This outfit would fit so many occasions, from school to shopping, from parties to feeding her pet spiders. Even Wednesday must have some (perhaps equally creepy) friends, and this outfit is totally appropriate for any form of socialising, in my opinion. It's simple, monochrome and how can you not adore the Chanel cassette clutch? Also I would totally wear this, especially the clunky shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this post - next time I will be dressing Sylvia Plath!


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