Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bal du Bac 2015


I don't tend to do many personal posts about my life, but I thought this occasion definitely merited more than a couple of instagram photos. Last Friday was the Bal du Bac, or Bac Ball, so named after the European Baccalaureate exams we do at the end of our final year in my school - essentially our version of prom. It's basically a huge event held at the Colonial Palace just outside Brussels, and everyone gets dressed up all fancy to celebrate the end of the year and the end of all our years together before we sit the bac and go our respective ways.

A huge amount of preparation went into the event, from the Bal du Bac committee who've been working on it for months to all the people (including me) who've been planning their outfits since last year! My class actually hired an old red London bus to travel there, which is the traditional mode of transport for the English section to get to BdB every year - it was really awesome driving through the streets of Brussels in such a distinctive vehicle and we got a lot of attention.

The first part of the event was the cocktail, which family and friends are invited to for food and drink. First we all stood around on the steps outside to take photos and admire each other's dresses, before moving inside and then out to an area with tables where the food was. The 'snacks' on offer were little dishes of penne arrabiata, noodles with beef, sesame and soy sauce, and Italian tuna tartare - everything was amazing, especially as I was starving by that point!

Next was the dinner, which was only for students and some teachers who wanted to stay (and were willing to fork out for it). There were two menus, one normal and one veggie, which I had. The normal one was salmon tartar followed by turkey, potatoes and a kind of stew, and the veggie option was pumpkin tortellini and then wok with vegetables, lentils and various other unidentifiable things - it was okay, but it was the dessert that really took the biscuit in my opinion. It was a huge buffet of tiny little desserts, like chocolate mousse, tiramisus, fruit tarts, panna cotta with orangey compote, and a load of other incredible-looking things I was too full to try.

Finally came the party part, which lasted from 11pm until 5am... And yes, we stayed nearly to the end! All in all it was a great time, and so nice to spend it with all the people I've spent every day with for the last twelve years, just looking a lot more fancy. It's a night I know I'll remember for a long time yet!



  1. Hi Sophie, it's Rhona again (European School Culham) :P It seems like you had a lot of fun, and you look lovely! It's funny, we have our bac ball after we finish our exams (4th July) :) I can't wait!
    Anyway, my family is moving to Belgium (near Brussels) in August, and I won't know anyone there... So I was wondering if we could be pen-pals? And maybe, once we've gotten to know each other, meet up at some point? I'll be at university in the UK, but when I'm home in the holidays it might be nice to have a friend to hang out with :) In case you're interested, my email is:
    Sorry for the weird request! :P xx

    1. I replied by email ;) It actually makes so much more sense to have the bac ball after exams, I think we're probably the only school that does it the other way round!

  2. You look so pretty! And I love your hair style! We have our prom after our exams but I haven't really thought about it much till reading this post but seeing you all glammed up has made me so excited!x