Friday, 3 April 2015

Whoops Another Haul


Yesterday I went shopping again, and unusually enough I had an actual idea in mind of what I was going to get. Usually I waltz into a shop and casually browse the rails, but this time I was very much on a mission: namely, to get a dress for my cousin's wedding next week. Of course, I'd kind of forgotten that outfits for weddings are never quite as simple as you think: there's not only the dress, but some kind of jacket/blazer (vital for spring in the UK), shoes, jewellery, a bag etc. Not that it's always necessary to buy all these items for every occasion, but I didn't have anything that would go with the dress (except the shoes in my last haul post), so I ended up spending quite a lot in total. Oh, and I may have splashed out on a couple of other things, because, you know, I never go shopping or anything...

Purse, H&M, €9.99
White & gold necklace, H&M, €14.99
Silver spikes necklace, H&M, €6.99
Bourjois mega liner in ultra black, Di, €11.99

First I decided to pick up a new eyeliner, as my Rimmel one that I raved about so much a month or two ago is already beginning to dry out at the end, which is just another unnecessary problem when it comes to the ordeal of winged eyeliner. This Bourjois one was not what you might call an educated buy - I didn't look it up beforehand and read reviews, but I certainly did once I'd bought it and they were all very positive, which is excellent. I tried it out this morning and it's absolutely fab, it makes doing the flick so easy because it has a really thick nib, kind of like a highlighter pen. I just hope it lasts a while!

I also got two necklaces, one of which I bought specifically to go with the dress for my cousin's wedding (the gold one), and the other I bought with the vague idea of wearing it to a ball I'm going to soon, but in actual fact I don't think it fits the neckline of my dress at all - which doesn't matter because I love it anyway and would definitely wear it on everyday occasions.

I really love this white bag I got too, because it can be either a bag with a strap or a clutch, as the strap is removable. Another element of the wedding outfit, but again I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of this in general.

Top, New Look, €11.99

And we come to the slightly random purchase of this haul. I really loved this top when I spotted it in New Look, but I've come to the realisation that it's really not me at all - it was in among all the festival, hippie-chic, relaxed and boho collection, which I have on occasion attempted to emulate with varying degrees of success. Also, it's not as white as it looks on the photo, it's more of a grey/been washed too many times colour, which is going to be interesting to incorporate into my wardrobe comprised mainly of black, white, burgundy, khaki and blue. Still, we'll see, and if all else fails I think it will go nicely with denim dungarees.

Plaid mini, New Look, €7 (sale)

A skirt? In plaid? And a dark colour? This is much more me. This purchase was a no-brainer, especially as it was only €7 in the sale, much cheaper than the Topshop equivalent I'd been eyeing on their website.

Red dress, H&M, €17.99

And we come to the actual dress that a bunch of these things are supposed to go with. Yes, it is red, and yes, it is tight and figure-hugging, and yes, I will be wearing it to an English wedding where most people will probably be in florals and pastels and feathery fascinators. And I'm fine with that.

Blazer/jacket, H&M, €19.99

This is the jacket/blazer I'm going to wear over the dress, and I call it a jacket/blazer because it isn't really one or the other. It's slightly fitted and leans towards a blazer cut, but equally it's lightweight, much less structured and has this whole flappy thing going on at the front which makes me think jacket. But then again the overall effect does scream blazer. Whatever you want to call it, I love it and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

Sheer maxi dress, H&M, €25.99

Please excuse the poor photo quality - I was struggling to get the whole dress in shot! I'm planning on wearing this to a ball I'm going to in a couple of weeks (not the one I mentioned above, a different and less formal one), with the black heels and kimono from my last haul, and a black choker - the effect will be majorly gothic and witchy, hopefully.

And that's what I got on this (quite extravagant) shopping trip!


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