Monday, 6 April 2015

Orange Is the New... Everything?


I think I've just started following more fashion/haute couture-orientated blogs on Tumblr lately, because suddenly an awful lot of catwalk looks have been popping up on my dash and I've found myself reblogging them in quite the frenzy. I don't know what it is about runway fashion, but even though my knowledge about it is minimal I can get extremely excited and often start weirdly obsessing over one particular collection or trend (see this post).

I was thinking about this the other day, and I really think an analogy can be drawn between fashion and literature in this context. If your average everyday highstreet store fashion is equivalent to contemporary fiction (the Harry Potters, Twilights and Hunger Games of the book world), and quirky thrift shops are those odd alternative novels no one has ever heard of but can blow your mind, then haute couture is equivalent to the classics, the Great Gatsbys, Pride and Prejudices and Anna Kareninas that are respected and analysed and compared to other great works to within an inch of their lives. While I enjoy your average New Look, H&M, Pull&Bear and Forever 21 fashion trends on a material basis, meaning I actually wear them, there's just something about fashion that has been constructed by hand from start to finish that reminds me of the deep-rooted reverence I have for the classics - it's a whole new level.

Analogies aside, something I've noticed a lot and have rapidly become obsessed with is the whole deal with orange, and specifically orange fur. Now normally orange is one of my least favourite colours, but oddly enough I really, really like it when styled in a particular way, such as in Shimps' A/W 15 collection. Now I'm not gonna lie, I had never heard of this designer/label but I quickly googled it and:

"Shrimps is a faux-fur fashion label from the young London-based designer, Hannah Weiland. With a background in History of Art and a diploma in textile design from the London College of Fashion, she takes her inspiration from the witticisms of modern art and a playful engagement with pattern and texture. Using carefully sourced fabrics that emphasise colour, Shrimps creates beautifully crafted pieces, perfect for the forward-thinking customer with a taste for the fun in fashion."

Ok then. As I said, in my ignorance I don't think I have anything to add apart from to say that the following is the object of my obsession and a couple of other places where I'm currently loving orange:

all photos from Tumblr

Shrimps, Autumn/Winter 2015
Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue Paris April 2015
Prada, Spring/Summer 2015/16

Christian Dior, Spring/Summer 2004


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