Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Day Out in Hastings


This weekend I went to the UK for a wedding, which was all very nice, a lovely family occasion and a chance to catch up - until we all got food poisoning/norovirus/who even knows. But anyway, on the long drive back home before the sickness set in we stopped off in Hastings on the south east coast for a wander around, as it was a beautiful sunny day. We always drive through Hastings in a hurry so it was nice to have some time to explore the town a bit, and we finally did something we've always been meaning to do, which is go up the cliff on the funicular railway, also known as the East Lift. The views from the top were stunning as we could see right over the town to the next cliff with the green on top and out to sea, where the pier is still sadly standing derelict since it caught fire a few years ago.

Then we walked through some of the pretty little back streets of the town, where there are all sorts of quaint little vintage shops like these ones which have been built into what looks like old railway tunnels.

Next we spotted a secondhand bookshop, which of course I wasn't going to walk past without having a quick browse through, and it turned out to look like this on the inside which is pretty much my idea of heaven. I got a couple of books, which I'll probably put in a haul post in a couple of days because I managed to acquire quite a few odds and ends over the weekend.

It was a really lovely day for it, as you can see from that blue sky. I hope to go back to Hastings soon, as this weekend I was sadly feeling too ill to sample some of the traditional fish & chips that the English seaside is so famous for!


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