Saturday, 21 March 2015

What's In My Bag?


I've never actually done a 'What's in my bag?' post on my blog before, but I've watched a lot of them on Youtube over the years so I thought I'd give it a go! Personally I find it really interesting to get a glimpse into someone's life through the things they consider essentials - I can't promise anything ground-breakingly interesting here but by all means read on. Since the bag I use every day is the one I use for school, I figured that would be the most obvious place to start as this really is what's currently in my bag, as opposed to just things I would put in a bag if I was going out somewhere.

My agenda is fairly essential to me as I write all my homework in it, as well as just general notes and things to remember. I bought this one at my local stationer's but it was really too flimsy to withstand the battering my agendas usually get, so I added a layer of card to the front and back to make it sturdier and also covered it with patterned paper, ribbon and finally sticky-backed plastic.

My pencil case is another essential as I obviously need pens and things in all my lessons. I got this stripy one from WHSmith, which is my number one go-to place to shop for stationery (my love for Smith's is endless and unconditional). These days I'm quite minimalist with what I keep in my pencil case - I have a couple of pens, a ruler, pencils, tippex, pencil sharpener, glue stick, highlighter etc, but no coloured pencils or pens. 

The purse I'm currently using is from the Spanish shop Lefties, which I adore. This is really the perfect size as it fits my ID card exactly, which isn't always the case with purses. It holds my school card, bank card, bus card, money etc, but I don't tend to keep lots of unnecessary stuff in my purse as it just adds to the weight of things I have to carry around.

I usually listen to my iPod (I have the 7th generation nano) on the bus on the way to and from school, so I always have it with me, along with my earphones - these ones were quite cheap but are still intact after 3 months of hanging around in my bag.

I don't always carry makeup type products, but I happened to have these two lipsticks in my bag today. One is fairly cheap pillarbox red from HEMA, the other is more of a pinky shade from No. 7.

Although my school isn't overly IT-orientated, a USB key is still an absolute essential for some of my lessons such as geography, as we often go to the ICT rooms to work on projects and do research. It's also a useful thing to have generally, as you never know when you might need it. This is one I got free at an open day at the University of Southampton.

Obviously I have my phone with me at all times - I use it for checking my emails and kik, as a calendar, often as a calculator and all sorts of things. It's a Nokia Lumia 800 which I've had for just over 2 years. The case (not that you can really see it) is very bling-bling as it's covered in little silver glitter gems - I've had it since the summer, and it was only a few £ so I'm really impressed it's lasted this long!

I often have a few random pieces of jewellery in my bag, as I tend to put a necklace or bracelet on in the morning and take it off by break time because it's irritating me and getting in the way. This is a clock necklace I bought in Ale-Hop a few years ago - the actual timepiece is sadly broken but I still wear it quite often because I love the simple design.

Another essential for me is a little pocket mirror, because you never know when you might need it.

My keys are also pretty vital, as they have my locker key, house key and a spare key to my brother's locker (in case he loses/forgets his, haha). I also have my blipper for the cafeteria at school, which replaced our chip cards at the beginning of this school year - how it works is still a mystery to me as I've never actually used it!

I usually have a comb hanging around at the bottom of my bag, just for those occasions when the lovely Belgian wind and rain decide to wreak havoc with my hair...

Finally, I usually have at least one book in my bag, whether my own or a school book. I'm currently carting about the play Translations by Brian Friel which we're reading in my advanced English class, but Rouge Brésil, Ik ook van jou and Angela's Ashes have all spent some time in my bag recently.

As for the bag itself, I'm currently using the Michael Kors Selma bag I got for my birthday last month. It's my baby and I love it a little too much, as it's all I've ever wanted in a bag! It works really well for school as I can usually fit everything I need into it, and it has lots and lots of inside pockets to keep things organised and to hand.

And that's what's in my bag - I hope you found this vaguely interesting, if you're as nosy as I am!


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