Friday, 13 March 2015

Polly Scattergood (& 100th post!)


First I'd just like to quickly say that this is my 100th post on this blog! Since I started it in July 2013 my posts have been on and off, but I feel like I've reached a pretty major milestone in the blogging world and I like to think there will be many more similar milestones to come. I don't have any major plans for my blog in terms of content in the near future, as I just enjoy what I'm doing and I plan to keep on doing it, by which I mean posting hauls, internet things and occasionally actually talking about books (like I planned to a year and a half ago!).

Anyway. Recently I came across the British singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood, and I've been completely obsessed with her music these past couple of weeks. I tend to get very attached to artists for a short space of time, download ALL their music and then move on (with the exceptions of Lana, Marina and Lorde, of course), but I've stuck with Polly Scattergood a good while already so I though she merited a post.

As with most things, I found out about her through Tumblr and was immediately hooked by her song I Hate the Way - I then downloaded most of her self-titled album Polly Scattergood, as well as her second album, Arrows. I have to say I much prefer her debut album as the songs are just so quirky and intense, but also somehow ethereal and eerie. What I also love is the way a lot of them start out very minimalist and and poignant, and then gradually build up to the more punchy finale with each verse/chorus - kind of perfect for listening to at 7:45 am on the way to school when you're trying to mentally prepare yourself for the day. I've seen a few comments on Youtube about how her lyrics are 'dark' and 'twisted' but to be honest I didn't see it that way - if anything the whole ensemble reminds me of confessional poetry (especially Sylvia Plath's) in that it has a slight edge to it that makes it kind of uncomfortable to listen to at times, but it's also cathartic in a way.

Here are a few of my favourite songs of hers:

Bunny Club

I Hate the Way

Please Don't Touch

Enjoy, and please let me know if you have heard of/like Polly Scattergood!


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  1. I never heard of Polly Scattergood before but I must say she is an interesting character! I like the last song! *-* I kind of feel like dancing around my room haha :)

    Great post!