Wednesday, 4 March 2015



Since I made an account back in November of last year, it's safe to say I've been becoming rapidly more obsessed with Instagram. I had to use some devious tactics to actually open an account, as I don't have an Apple device (except my iPod nano that doesn't have apps), so this involved making an account on my brother's iPod touch and then downloading a slightly dodgy program that simulates Instagram on iPhone.

Anyway, after all that effort I am definitely using my account, mostly to follow people although I do post a fair amount too. Today I thought I'd share my favourite instas with you, inspired by my good friend Aoife's post a week or so ago (incidentally, go and follow her blog at her new domain!).

 Paula // @moonofpaula

I've been following Paula on Polyvore for a while, but recently I found her Tumblr, blog and Instagram and I'm just so in love with all of them! She has awesome pink/silver hair and I just adore her insta theme and general style. It's a little bit retro but quite minimalist, which works beautifully as an aesthetic.

Araina // @arainatasmin

Araina is someone else I've been following on Polyvore for absolutely ages, although sadly she doesn't make many sets these days. I really admire her healthy lifestyle and all the gorgeous nature and fitness pics she posts, she's truly inspiring! Her Instagram really exemplifies that, and the photography is always stunning. 

Emilija Vaisnoraite // @vaemilija

I'm absolutely obsessed with Emilija's blog and Instagram, there are no words. I can't remember how I came across her to begin with, but I think it might have been via Facebook as she goes to one of my school's 'sister schools' and we have some mutual friends (she's from Lithuania but lives here in Brussels). Anyway, I'm totally in awe of her style, it's so decadent and opulent and all round fabulous - you can see loads of her outfits on her blog. I love how she combines fur and rich fabrics with ostentatious but still tasteful jewellery, the effect is dazzling!

Kailey Flyte // @mermaidens

I discovered Kailey's amazing blog through Tumblr not too long ago, and then I came across her Instagram. I'd already fallen in love with her adorably outfits and amazing photography, but I really adore her insta theme too, with all its pastels and her retro/quirky style. And again, pink hair!

Nadia Esra // @nadiaesra

Nadia is a blogger from the Netherlands, and I've been following her blog for years. I really love her artsy photography with all the earthy colours, and her outfit combinations are utterly gorgeous. Not to mention that she sometimes blogs in Dutch, which makes me feel really accomplished for being able to understand it!

Feel free to leave your Instagram in the comments, I'll be sure to check it out!


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  1. Oh these Insta accounts are fabulous! I love Nadia Esra's blog but I never looked through her Instagram! Thanks so much for the mention *-*