Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fashion Fancies: Catherine Howard


First of all, you may notice I've changed the layout of my blog slightly: it's wider than it used to be so I can make the pictures bigger. This seemingly small change actually involved a great deal of fiddling about in Paint to get my banner to the right width, but hopefully it was worth it.

Today I was fiddling about aimlessly in the Polyvore set creator, and I decided to put together a bunch of outfits in a new series of posts for my blog: I plan to take a different fictional or historical character each time and create some outfits for them that I imagine they would wear in the novel or historical episode I associate them with. This combines my love of fashion and literature/history so perfectly, I can't believe why I haven't thought of it before now!

For the first instalment I chose Catherine Howard, also known as the 5th wife of Henry VIII who was executed for treason after little more than a year of marriage. I find the whole story of her early life and downfall absolutely fascinating, which is why about 80% of my collection of Tudor historical fiction is about her in some way - it's so interesting to read different portrayals of her, and build up a many-layered image of what she was really like. She apparently loved clothes and swore never to wear the same garment twice! Obviously all the outfits I came up with are modern takes, as otherwise this would really be quite boring.

1. Adventuring
This is the kind of thing I imagine Catherine wearing on a day out in the grounds of Hampton Court, with perhaps a loyal friend and a book for company. I like to imagine she was into witchcraft too, although that would be highly inaccurate historically... This outfit is practical yet luxurious in the fabric and detailing, as you would expect from the clothes of the Queen Consort.

2. A Night Out in London Town
I am basically obsessed with this skirt and desperately want to own it - I love the tapestry effect and of course it has an actual image of Henry VII on it, what more can I say. Sadly it would cost me about €300... Anyway, this is totally what I imagine the Tudor girls would have liked to have worn on a night out: it's classy, extravagant, and very very expensive.

3. Formal Ball
Perhaps a little more demure, I love this blue dress with the subtle pattern and gold neckline detailing. I think it would work well at a formal ball or party, anything that involves dancing. Perfume and jewellery are obviously a must, and it wouldn't be complete without a red crushed velvet bow.

4. Dinner with Henry
This could probably be interchanged with outfit 2, but I thought there was something a touch more stately and conservative about this one. I actually have a dress in very similar material to the skirt!

I hope you enjoyed this new type of post - next time I will be dressing Cathy Dollanganger from the Flowers in the Attic saga!



  1. Oh my gosh, I love this new series! It's going to be really interesting to see what you come up with. :)

    I can't wait to read more!

  2. i love this post so much!!! your blog is rad. x