Saturday, 14 February 2015

Top 5 ASMR Faves


Since my last post my birthday happened, so that's a thing - I turned 18 and it still hasn't really clicked that I'm an actual official adult. I want to do a post talking more about my birthday and maybe about what I got, but I so far haven't have time to take any photos of anything and tomorrow I'm off to the UK. So I'll be doing that when I get back, mostly likely along with a haul of what I've bought in the UK as I think it's physically impossible for me to go there and not come back having bought ridiculous amounts of stuff.

So anyway, onto what I actually wanted to talk about. Way back in August of last year I posted about by recent discovery of ASMR videos on YouTube. I'm still enjoying delving into the wonderful world of ASMR whenever I need to step back from everyday life and relax, and I've discovered a lot of new ASMRtists in recent months, including BrittanyASMR who has become one of my all time faves.

Today I thought I'd share my top five go-to ASMR videos which I always come back to. I must have watched each of these over twenty times, as they're extremely effective at giving me that tingly feeling. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this post!



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