Sunday, 22 February 2015

My 18th Birthday


So I'm not exactly quick off the mark with this once as it was my birthday on the 12th, but the half-term break happened in the intervening ten days and I was cruelly snatched away from the things I wanted to photograph for this post. But I thought I'd still share what I got here on my blog, as I love seeing people's birthday/christmas hauls and I'd also like to have this as a memory of what I got for such a significant birthday. Obviously I'm in no way trying to brag or show off, and I know I was extremely lucky to get everything I received!

The day itself was fairly anticlimatic - I had school of course, and a lot of my friends (myself included) were quite ill around that week so it wasn't the best time health-wise. But I still had a wonderful day and received a lot of birthday messages and wishes, and of course lovely gifts!

I got this fabulous card from one of my friends. It's adorable full stop, but has a special meaning as we've been studying Hamlet in our advanced English class this year.

My main present from my parents was completely unexpected and out of the blue (quite literally, ahahaa): a Tiffany necklace! I really was not expecting it at all - they wanted to give me jewellery for my 18th, which of course I'm not complaining about. They also gave me the 'Lost in Translation' book (which looks really interesting although I've yet to read it), and the other two novels, although I got those on our recent trip to the UK and not on my birthday itself. I have one more present to come from them: a Michael Kors watch which isn't available yet outside the US, so I'll most likely be getting it sometime around May.

From one of my aunts I got the Dior book (in the middle), and from another I got a beautiful necklace (box on the left) which actually has my birthstone in it. My grandparents gave me charms for my Pandora bracelet, and another of my aunts also gave me a charm - I have 18 now, which is very fitting! My brother gave me the manicure set in the butterfly case (top left), which was very thoughtful of him, haha. I also got a Topshop voucher from one of my cousins, so I'm excited to spend that.

I got the DVF purse from one of my dad's colleagues at work - it was very unexpected and especially nice of her to think of me as I've only met her a couple of times! From my two best friends I got the instax mini 8 Polaroid camera, which I'm absolutely thrilled with as I've wanted one for ever and ever - they know me too well! I also got the nail polish from another of my friends.

This gorgeous bag was another present from my parents, but it wasn't a surprise as this time I chose it myself. I'm absolutely in love with it, the design, the colour, the detailing, everything. I wore it to school on the day of my birthday and I'm tempted to use it for school for now on as it's just perfect - also I don't know where I'd wear it otherwise. I'm just scared it'll get damaged or rained on if I use it every day!

And that concludes my birthday haul post!



  1. Oh wow! You got some lovely things for your birthday! I adore the DVF purse! *-* Happy Birthday! (again)