Tuesday, 29 December 2015

H&M Party Picks

Earlier today I found myself idly scrolling through various clothing websites including New Look, Topshop, Forever 21 and finally H&M, where I found a lot of really nice and reasonably priced partywear. I've said it before and I'll say it again, H&M is so underrated - I always find amazing stuff there when I go, so I'm hoping to pick up some amazing bargains when I go in the January sales!

Note: the names/descriptions of the items are roughly translated from French because I was on the Belgian website, which is also where the links are to

Long muslin blouse / €24.99 x
This isn't what you might call traditional partywear, but I think it could look amazing with the right accessories - it's one of those pieces you could really dress up or indeed dress down. Also, as my friend would say, it has plenty of eating room which may or may not be important depending on the occasion.

Fringed jacket / €19.99 x
I love this sosososo much oh my goodness. I've been to a lot of formal college dinners this term and I never know quite what to wear over a dress when an actual coat would be too much and a blazer doesn't fit the style of my dress - this would be just the thing. Of course black would be a more practical colour, but I really like this shade of purple, it's gorgeous.

Suede bucket bag / €39.99 x
Admittedly this is quite pricey but I'm sure you could find something similar that isn't in suede. I don't know how practical it would be but I love the shape and the metallic studs and rope.

Long blazer / €24.99 x
I spotted this and had a mild epiphany when I realised that a long blazer is precisely what my wardrobe is lacking. It would be ideal for making really boring outfits slightly more dressy, and just generally to get that effortlessly casual vibe down.

Spangly dress / €29.99 x
Would you just look at this dress, I mean what's not to love? It's full-on spangly so personally I'd probably only wear this for truly fancy events, but it's such a striking piece that is just crying out to be accessorised.

Lace top / €19.99 x
Sometimes you just need a really simple but fancy black top to wear with more exciting bottoms (such as the gold skirt). Plus this is so versatile, I would definitely wear this over shorts on the beach in summer!

Platform sandals / €34.99 x
Having recently purchased my first pair of non-black heels, I am feeling adventurous and I will totally buy these if I can find them in my size! I think metallic is definitely the way to go for parties, especially as it can bling up a more conservative outfit.

Glittery skirt / €14.99 x
Gold glitter? I mean nuff said really.

I hope this has given you some style inspiration for what remains of the party season!


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Festive Outfits

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! So far my day has consisted of finishing off some work for uni and playing board games with my mum and brother, and later on this evening I think we'll probably just watch some TV or something. I just wish the weather would cotton on and drop a few degrees, it doesn't feel the same when it's 12 degrees outside...

Anyway I just felt the urge to write a cheeky little blog post, so here are some outfits for the festive season for you to enjoy!

1. Christmas shopping
Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoy Christmas shopping - I love hunting for the perfect present for my friends and family (or if not perfect then just something suitable within my price range). This year I did all mine online through Amazon, which worked like a dream and meant I didn't have to face the long walk into town more than was entirely necessary. But when I'm out and about in the winter months I tend to plan my outfits quite carefully, as although they're probably warm I find jeans quite constricting, and thick jumpers tend to make me overheat - so something lightweight but layered like this is perfect.

2. Party time
In my opinion Christmas parties are a fabulous excuse to get properly dressed up - when else can you get away with dressing entirely in velvet (including a jacket), as I did the other week for a college formal dinner which is much the same thing? Obviously there are various degrees of fancy but my go-to outfit choices always consist of either something velvet or something in that gorgeous dark red, so I thought this dress summed it up quite well.

3, Cosy day indoors
Lets not forget that it's distinctly chilly outside (unless you live in Australia, in which case g'day to you) and there is nothing better than curling up in a cosy spot with a warm drink and a book. Thick jumpers are fully required here, as are slippers and comfy clothes all round. Sadly I haven't done much of this so far this winter but no doubt I shall be making up for lost time in the new year.

4. The twenty-fifth
I actually wish I owned this dress because I love it so much, but I think I'm going to have to content myself with something very similar in red. It's my go-to Christmas day outfit which now I think about it perhaps needs to change... I just think there's something so Christmassy about a nice plaid dress on the day itself!

Merry Christmas to you all x

Monday, 21 December 2015

A Little Life Update

After 10 weeks of busy university life I am finally back home for the holidays and already enjoying the peace and quiet! It's been a hectic couple of months trying to find my feet at uni, while also adapting to life in the UK, completing assignments, keeping up with all the reading my course requires and of course making new friends. Unlike at home where I will happily sit on the internet for hours on end and generally lounge around there is always something to do, from looking over the following day's lecture material (yes I am that student) to late night soda bread-frying sessions in the kitchen. So while I'm really enjoying myself up north, it's going to be really lovely to have a whole month off to relax and fill up on those home vibes - plus write about 4 essays and prepare for 3 tutorials, eeek!

The journey back was really quite smooth, or as smooth as taking two trains across three countries can be. I was lugging a huge suitcase, a backpack and a small holdall so I suppose I didn't make things easy for myself, but the small holdall was definitely necessary given the amount of Christmas presents I needed to bring back with me - hopefully I will be able to fill that space up with slightly more summery clothes on the way back. Also I am apparently yet to take the Eurostar without either setting the security scan off or getting shirty/into an argument with the person at the bag scan, but that's another story.

My little Christmassy corner back in my uni room

On another note, I am actually really enjoying my course, although there are parts that I really hadn't expected to be studying. Purely for your enjoyment, I've been keeping a list of weird, wonderful, interesting and unexpected things that have been touched on in my geography lectures so far, in no particular order:

  • A brief history of fine art, including linear perspective
  • Several paintings of the gardens of English stately homes in the 1700s
  • Living in high-rise apartment blocks
  • The 50 shades of grey trailer
  • Discussion of the BDSM community
  • Henry VII and the dissolution of the monasteries
  • Renaissance humanism
  • A brief history of feminist theory
  • The entirety of Wordsworth's "Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey", with analysis of metaphors, allusions and allegories
  • The relationship between the individual and nature
  • Cartesian dualism
  • A PowerPoint slide called "Zombie Geographies"
  • The place of Australian gay culture in landscape
  • A clip of '28 Days Later'
  • Lana del Rey's 'Video Games' as a somewhat relevant pop song to start off the lecture (on video games and landscape)
  • A clip from Call of Duty
  • Photos of Chernobyl
  • The post-apocalyptic landscape aesthetic in The Hunger Games
  • A screenshot from Wall-E
  • Photos of the surface of Mars
  • A slide called 'The Physical (and some Human) Geography of Christmas'
  • Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'

Also I will be writing an essay on landscape in Austen's Mansfield Park over Christmas, which I am slightly thrilled about because it combines English, history and geography, which are my three absolute favourite things!


Anyway. Christmas is of course just a few days away and I am well and truly in the festive spirit after spending most of Sunday draped in tinsel and decorating the tree. In a way I almost feel like the big day has already happened because we had so many Christmassy events going on at college in the last few days of term, including a formal dinner, a candlelit carol service (which was lovely and definitely a potential fire hazard), carols in the bar (which was a potential hazard for one's eardrums), a Christmas jumper day and even a couple of days of proper snow! On top of that my friends and I bought cheese and crackers to be extra posh and Christmassy, and also made a gingerbread house which tragically got left in someone's room over the holidays... 

But after all that festivity I am definitely ready for a lovely family Christmas at home and a month just to enjoy the calm, see friends and prepare for next term!


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist

Hello... It's me. I was wondering if after all these months you'd like to read another blog post...

Whoops long time no blog but uni life is turning out to be pretty crazy - I'm currently snowed under with work, not to mention trying to find the time to attend social events and just generally doing my best not to become a hermit holed up in my room reading endless papers about the spatiality of domestic violence (I'm studying geography but the department seems to have a rather loose interpretation of what constitutes geography lol). I'm loving my course so far though, for instance today one of my lecturers started off with a 'somewhat relevant pop song' which just happened to be Lana's Video Games! Unsurprising since the lecture was about landscape in video games but it was still a nice start to 4 solid hours of lectures.

Anyway. Christmas is just around the corner and I for one am looking forward to being back at home with my family and friends (especially after nearly 3 months of college food - so. much. spice!). So today to get into the materialistic spirit I thought I'd share my Christmas wishlist with you, since nothing says seasonal cheer quite like consumerism!

Michael Kors purse

For my 18th birthday one of my main presents from my parents was a Michael Kors bag in black saffiano leather. It is my absolute baby and basically I just want a matching purse so it can have its own baby, although it also comes in a gorgeous burgundy colour which I love too.

The Journals of Sylvia Plath

Nuff said. Although apparently this is really hard to get through, but I still really want it.

Crosley Cruiser

This is so Tumblr of me but I just love that they're portable and look like a little suitcase when they're closed! I mean it's stylish and practical, what more could you want? I kind of wish there was a purple one but otherwise I really love this pale blue, it almost matches my typewriter and polaroid camera.

Badlands vinyl

Of course if I'm lucky enough to get a record player I'll need something to play on it. I already have Lana's Born to Die on vinyl, but I would love to add to my collection with albums like Pure Heroine, Froot, Badlands, Ultraviolence or Honeymoon (just to complete my hat trick of Lana albumns!).

Rookie Yearbook Four

The final Rookie Yearbook comes out on 22 October and I really want to add it to my little collection of yearbooks. Also how adorable is the cover?? So adorable.

Pandora Silver Star Clip Charm

And finally, I would love to keep on adding to my Pandora bracelet, which is almost full! The only problem is that the charms don't always stay where I want them, so a clip like this would be ideal to hold them in place,

What are you hoping to receive this Christmas?


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Little October Haul

I just realised I've actually bought a few things in the past few weeks that I hadn't 'documented' on here so here we go with a quick little haul! To be honest I bought some of these quite a while ago (like over the course of October) so I've forgotten the prices, but anyway.

I'd also like to take a moment to say something about the future of my blog - as of right now I'm not planning to stop blogging any time in the near future, but I've been posting less and in the long term I have no idea whether I'll be able to fit it around uni stuff. Having said that I would love to take this opportunity to try new things with it, especially if I can find someone to take some outfit photos on a regular-ish basis, which is something I've always wanted to do (although I've never had a proper camera and the confidence to do it, argh).

Right, on with the haul!

Top from Clockhouse

To be honest I wasn't really planning on buying anything in Clockhouse, but I spotted this top and I just thought it was quite sweet. Also I say nice a lot so I thought it was appropriate. 

Shirt from Forever 21

You can never have too many plaid shirts and I really like the colours in this one. With dungarees and combat boots this would make me look like a farmer but so far I've been wearing it with plain jeans and it works pretty well.

 Top from Forever 21

You've got to love a bit of rust for autumn. This top is so simple and versatile and I've worn it in a couple of different ways so far, first tucked into a houndstooth patterned skirt and then under a plaid shirt. Also I remember it was really cheap so it's a good all-rounder.

Dress from Forever 21

I am yet to wear this dress but I love it so much, it's ridiculously simple and very stretchy - to the point where it boings all over the place if I jump up and down a bit. Seriously, what more could you want?

Skirt from Forever 21

So I finally went and bought a denim button-down skirt and it is literally the best thing ever. I wish I'd invested in one months ago because I really love it, it's SO cliché now but the only reason you see so many people wearing them is because they're so fab. I have no reasons for its fabness, it just is.

Backpack from New Look

After a week of carting around my Michael Kors bag and killing my shoulder under the weight of several notebooks, a bottle of water, umbrella, purse etc, I finally caved and got a practical bag. It's about as stylish as I could possibly find though - I love the faux leather quilted look and it goes with everything.

Shoes from New Look

I also quickly came to the conclusion that I didn't have many pairs of shoes that would leave my feet blister-less after walking into town and back so I got this pair of simple plimsoll/trainers. So far they're pretty comfortable but I still prefer my dolly shoes and Chelsea boots...

Since I'm a poor student now I probably won't be buying much more for the foreseeable future so this might be my last haul for a while! 


Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Outfits #2

Halloween is just around the corner and I for one have got my outfit sorted. It's a witchy ensemble with a long dress and a veil (actually a tablecloth from Poundland, I'm on a student budget here) and if it works out like I'm imagining it in my mind it's going to be great.

However if you haven't decided what you're wearing I've got a few more last-minute ideas that you could probably recreate easily from things in your wardrobe, this time with a less traditionally 'scary' Halloween feel (see my previous post for those) and more of a 'feminine' vibe. Enjoy!

1. Ghost
This first outfit is ridiculously simple but equally as effective. Basically just take any longish floaty white dress and accessorise - with a cross choker necklace, for instance, and pale creepy makeup. It's so simple I have literally nothing else to say.

2. Victorian Attic
Now obviously you're not dressing up as an attic but I feel like the various components of this outfit idea could easily have been found in a dusty old room full of crumbling antiques. In reality think slightly scruffy old-fashion clothing, with lace if possible, and then (the piece de resistance) drape fake cobweb stuff over yourself so you look like you've just crawled out of a pile of old drapes.

3. Space Princess
I like to keep Halloween dressing up more or less in the creepy realm and I think this hits the mark - think aliens and weird spaceyness and hazy shimmer. All right, so it's unlikely you'll have a holographic skirt hanging around but I imagine a similar effect could be achieved with a length of material and a needle and thread (it doesn't have to be perfect). Then just dig out your little sister's princess crown, add sparkly heels and you're sorted!

4. Prom
This skirt just screams prom but it's a nice halfway point between 'girly' and 'gothic' with a doll-like vibe. Hair and makeup could go either direction with this one: either something super glam and pretty or dark and scary-looking.

What are your plans for Halloween?


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Topshop Picks

Lately I've been scrolling through the Topshop website thinking about how I really don't need to go shopping but I also really want to because I love autumn/winter clothes... So I decided to do another picks post to share some of my favourite items.

Cord Button Front A-Line Skirt / €42 x
Yes I know it's just another A-line button-down skirt, but I'm obsessed with this colour. It's exactly the colour of autumn leaves and goes with so many other colours that tend to pop up around this season, like grey and dark green and of course black. This would probably clash horribly with my hair but it's just so beautiful I wouldn't care!

Velvet Lace Playsuit / €44 x
I'm not 100% convinced by this one, but I think it's probably an example of something that looks so much better on because it looked fine on the model. I'm quite partial to a playsuit and I also love velvet, so the combination is ideal really. I would totally wear this to a festive party or as my Christmas day outfit.

Embroidered Ruffle Neck Top / €76 x
I don't think I'd ever pay that much for a top but I really like this. It's plain but not too plain because it has some pretty embroidery in swirly patterns, and the neckline is quite different with the whole ruffle thing it has going on. Also it's burgundy, which is always a plus.

Cord Pinafore Dress / €52 x
I really love how pinafore dresses look, they're simple but chic and remind me of the kinds of things I wore when I was little. I would probably wear this one with a stripy top for a really effortless look, or something more busy underneath. They also had it in blue, but I think black is great for autumn because it's just so versatile and goes with everything. 

Big Floppy Hat / €34 x
I honestly want a hat like this so much! I tried one on the other day and it really suited me, but whenever I consider buying one I always come back to the dilemma of 'what would I do with it if I went out somewhere with it on and wanted to take it off?'. It looks super sophisticated while it's on your head, but practically I'm not sure I'd ever invest in one.

Tassel Saddle Bag / €42 x
This little bag just caught my eye - it's really simple so it would go with lots of outfits, and I really love the colours together plus the gold hardware!

High Neck Flippy Tunic / €26 x
Ah, more of this gorgeous rust colour... For me dresses are such an essential in winter and I love the simple cut of this one. It would go really nicely with an oversized patterned cardigan. 

Waffles Suedette Shorts by Motel / €44 x
Pretty much every shop I've gone into lately seems to have a few items of clothing in this suede-y material this season, and I absolutely love it (not gonna lie, I have a rule where I always have to stop for a second and stroke it if I pass a top or skirt in that material in a shop!). It's so so so soft and beautiful, plus I really like the cut of these shorts.

Scarf Print Tee / €50 x
I kind of love this patten, it's very busy but I like the colours even though purple and red are generally considered to clash. This would be a real focal point for an outfit and it would look great with anything from jeans to a black skirt.

Checked Kilt Shorts / €52 x
Who said shorts are only for summer? Put some tights on and they can see you well into the autumn. I personally would have called these a skort because they look almost like a skirt with the pleats, but I don't suppose it matters. They would work well with a top tucked in or under a jumper.

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween Outfits #1

Yesterday I walked into town (to buy a printer, look at me adulting) and had an overwhelming feeling of Octoberness - the leaves were a gorgeous array of yellows and reds and golds and the air was crisp and bright. All of which means Halloween will be here soon!

I don't usually get majorly into dressing up unless I have a fancy dress thing to go to, and even then I've always dressed as something 'scary' rather than just dressing up as whatever. I think it's quite an American thing to just dress up in general, but I've always done that kind of dressing up at Carnival and just 'scary' dressing up at Halloween. So I thought I'd turn to Polyvore and rustle up some simple, practical and easy to recreate outfits that could pass for Halloween without being over the top.

1. The Wednesday
My go-to Halloween outfit is the Wednesday Addams look. Just take any plain black dress with a contrasting white collar, add dolly shoes and stockings or tights, and there you have it! I usually plait my hair too because it makes the look more recognisable. The basic outfit would easily pass as an everyday outfit, but to be even more Halloweeny you could accessorise with a 'pet spider' or a headless doll (both very Wednesday!).

2. Skeleton
Sometimes it's all in the accessorising - with some bold statement jewellery, belts and studs you can turn a simple skirt-and-top ensemble into something far more costume-y. The top here is actually a onepiece swimsuit-style thing, which I imagine would be a good investment piece for Halloween outfits because you could style it in so many different ways. Also the shoes are fierce.

3. Gothic chick
Any all-black outfit is a good starting point for Halloween, and all the more so if you happen to have something like this poofy skirt lying around that you might not wear every day. I'm picturing this look with really intense black makeup for a seriously gothic look.

4. Vamp girl
For this last outfit I took inspiration from the whole vampire-cum-catholic-schoolgirl vibe (if that's even a thing, maybe it's just Tumblr). It's probably unlikely that anyone will have a sheer black dress like this one but any lacy number will do, even if it leans towards being a bit of a nightdress. This is another one where makeup can make all the difference!

Next time I'll be posting some more Halloween outfit ideas with a totally different vibe!


Monday, 12 October 2015

Uni Room Tour

Last week was one of the busiest of my life. I moved country, got settled into my accommodation and went to all sorts of events during Fresher's Week at my university. It's been tiring and a lot of fun and it's weird to think that this coming week will be the official start of lectures!

Today I thought I'd share some photos of my room because I'm really quite happy with the way it looks after I decorated it. It's compact but there's an awful lot of storage - to the point where I still have some empty shelves - but that's great because I'm sure I'll acquire more stuff. There are two sections - the main room part with my bed and desk, and the 'dressing area' with the sink and wardrobe which I'll show you at the end.

This is about the widest shot I could get, and I was squashed up against the wall to take it! If you're anything like me the first thing you'll notice are the horrible curtains, which to be honest really detract from the overall effect. Sadly I can't replace them, so I guess I'll have to learn to live with them.

This is my bed area. Please note my awesome pink feathery fairy lights and the snazzy map of the world (I am studying geography after all).

This table/unit has ended up with my clock and some photos on it, as well as my hair stuff (straighteners are actually on my desk). Ideally I'd keep them in the sink part but there aren't any plug sockets there so I can't plug them in, and apparently the smoke detectors are really sensitive so I'm trying to get as far away as possible from mine in order to use heat protectant spray.

On the shelves below I have health/medical stuff in the black box, random things in the basket and cables in the blue box. The bottom shelf is my shoes overflow, plus squash because it's essential.

Woo lighting. These are the shelves next to my bed - I've decided this is where stuff like my books and blanks is going to live, for convenience.

This shelf above the poster is rapidly turning into my food shelf - I've got a few provisions for if I ever miss dinner or feel really hungry during the day or night. 

I realised I had nowhere to put my jewellery, so I got the black hanger thing and hung it on a hook that I stuck on the wall and it seems to be working well so far.

This end of my desk is where all the important things are ending up - piles of papers and stationery (ft. horrible curtains).

The wall you can't seen in any of the photos is quite big so I've stuck these posters on it. I've got the Van Gough exploding TARDIS and one about Shakespearean tragedies that I ended up getting free from the National Theatre.

Here are my clothes - I was surprised that there's actually quite a lot of space for clothes (hard to photograph it all!), and of course I filled most of it instantly.

And finally perhaps the least pretty part of the room - the sink. I'm so glad I have one of these though because it's great for doing my makeup and brushing teeth and such without having to trudge to a communal bathroom every few minutes.

And that's it!


Monday, 5 October 2015

Books for Cosy Days

The days are getting colder and while it hasn't quite reached sub-Arctic temperature there's a definite chill in the air - a perfect time of year to curl up with a blanket, a hot drink and a book! Today I'll be sharing my favourite books for reading on cosy days, or at least books I think would be ideal for such an occasion. I've just realised that the one thing they all have in common is that they're set in crumbling ancestral homes/castles, so apparently that is my number one criteria for a 'cosy read'.

The Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley
I read these over the summer and really enjoyed them, but I think a colder setting, perhaps with snowflakes falling outside the window, would enhance the enjoyment factor considerably. The protagonist is eleven-year-old Flavia De Luce, an amateur sleuth and chemistry whizz who lives on the outskirts of the village of Bishop's Lacey with her family. The series is set in 1950 in the English countryside, which in my opinion is an ideal setting for mystery novels -  you have the perfect combination of technology and olde-worldy-ness that makes solving crimes possible but not too easy, requiring a bit of legwork to piece the facts together. Flavia's skill with chemistry is also an interesting, if slightly unbelievable element that allows her to draw a lot of conclusions and so advance with her investigations.

Starting with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, every book is a self-contained murder mystery, but they are really best read in order to build up a picture of the village and its colourful inhabitants (each book also has a map at the beginning which is very helpful to situate the various events). The Flavia De Luce books are quite different from any other mystery books I've read - it's hard to explain, but they have a slightly dreamlike, whimsical quality that means the details of the plot don't always hang 100% together, but they're nevertheless completely charming.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
I'm sure I've either reviewed or recommended this book before on my blog, but I'm going to talk about it again because it really is that good. It's wonderfully gothic (almost Jane Eyre-esque) and has such atmosphere and feeling, it really had me spellbound for most of the story. The narrator, Margaret Lea, is an amateur biographer whose father owns a an antiquarian bookshop. One day she finds an unexpected letter on her doorstep - it is from Vida Winter, one of Britain's most well-loved novelists who has kept her life a secret for over fifty years. Now gravely ill, she wants someone to write her story before it's too late and has chosen Margaret to come to her home and be her biographer. Margaret is somewhat reluctant to accept, as she has never even read any of Vida Winter's many novels, but she finds herself drawn to Winter's stories of her childhood, which is soon revealed to be dark and troubling.

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
Re-reading old favourite books is something that makes me feel all warm and mushy inside at the best of times, so returning to a series like Harry Potter (which I have read countless times) is simple a recipe for cosiness. Not to mention the fact that my absolute favourite scenes from the books and the films are set in autumn or winter, when Hogwarts always looks festive and welcoming, so I associate those seasons with the stories anyway. I'm sure I don't need to summarise the plot of these books, but if by any chance you haven't read them yet then I assure you this autumn is the time to get stuck in!

What are you planning on reading this autumn?

Friday, 2 October 2015

Uni Haul

In the last couple of months I've seen a plethora (good word don't you think?) of  'back to school'-related blog posts, vlogs, outfit ideas, stationery hauls etc and it definitely put me in the mood for shopping. I never used to associate the whole back to school season with anything other than buying new pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, paper and other miscellaneous stationery items, but this year I'll be off to university (literally leaving tomorrow arghhh!) which involves a whole different type of shopping list - so I thought I'd share a few things I've acquired over the recent weeks that are currently sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be packed.

Thankfully my college is fully catered so I don't need to worry about buying kitchen supplies (and perhaps more importantly feeding myself), but there are a lot of other bits and pieces that are supposedly required for university life, which I have discovered by googling 'what to take to university' and promptly getting overwhelmed. There seem to be an awful lot of things that seem totally unnecessary (to me at least), and a few things I've bought weren't necessarily on the lists, but it's all quite the adventure and I guess I'll work out what I do and don't need fairly quickly!

I'm starting off with just a few essentials in the homeware department - so far I have only actually bought this little plate and mug, which I love because of the pastel colours. I originally wanted to get them in matching colours, but they didn't have both a plate and mug in any one colour and I actually think they look really nice together. I'll probably just pinch a set of cutlery from my kitchen to go with these.

I tried not to go too overboard with stationery, as I'm not entirely sure what I'll be needing and I tend to buy things like folders in the UK anyway, but I couldn't resist picking up a few odds and ends. These ELLE folders, for instance, which I am utterly obsessed with because they are just so stylish and amazing. I also got a few sticky note thingys really cheaply as they are just so useful, a diary for 2015-2016 and some odd pens to add to my pencil case from school.

And now we come to the miscellaneous items! First of all I picked up a mini sewing kit in a cheapish shop, which my friend who goes to boarding school assured me will come in extremely handy. Another fairly sensible thing is a first aid kit, to keep things like lemsip and painkiller in as well as actual bandages and such. Obviously if I'm actually wounded and bleeding I'd get proper medical help but it's just one of those things that's useful to have in life.

I also decided to get an alarm clock (not pictured since it's not all that pretty), because personally I hate relying on my phone - it's easier to just glance at a clock for the time and since it plugs into the mains there's no risk of it losing battery. Other electrical bits I got include an extension lead (exciting I know) and some amazing pink fluffy fairy lights, which I'm not entirely sure if I'll actually be allowed to use in my room but they weren't expensive anyway.

Next I got some storage boxes as I like to keep things neat and organised. I have no idea what I'll put in these yet, but I'm sure I'll find something. After a lot of searching I found a laundry bag type thing which might be a little excessive but hey why not? Plus it's purple.

I also got some new suitcases/holdalls since none of the other luggage we own can fold flat to fit under a bed, which I understand is a useful quirk in a small uni bedroom. Also because the print on the holdall is fabulous, I mean look at it:

I'll probably do another follow-up post in a few months with 'things I should have brought to uni' and/or 'things I didn't need to bring', so look out for that!


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Outfits for Autumn

I was originally going to start this post with 'autumn is well and truly here', but that's not entirely true since it was over 20 degrees today and I was boiling in jeans and a long sleeved top. Having said that, most days have been hovering around the 15 or 16 degree mark, which is enough to need a jacket especially if the wind is blowing, so I feel entirely justified in writing a blog post on autumn fashion.

1. Skirts are my favourite thing to wear in autumn, providing it's not too cold, and of course they can be worn with knee socks or tights. I had to include a button-down skirt in here somewhere and this brown one is perfect for the move away from more summery denim. I'm also really loving heeled Chelsea boots, although I would buy them in black as I literally own nothing that goes with brown!

2. Even in the colder months, dresses are such a go-to as they constitute an entire outfit and require minimum effort - simply throw one on and you look utterly put-together in an instant. I love wearing them with dolly shoes/Mary Janes/whatever you want to call them, as they give such a playful vibe. Also I'm obsessed with this tapestry bag, I wish I could get my hands on it!

3. Shorts are much the same as skirts when it comes to putting tights under them, without the potential risks that gusts of October wind might pose. This outfit is super duper coordinated if I may say so myself, perhaps too much so but all the autumnal colours are so easy to combine!

4. And finally, if it really is a bit too chilly out for skirts etc, I adore these checked trousers for an instant cosy effect. The top picks up the colour of the criss-crossing lines perfectly, and screams out for a long necklace to jazz it up a bit.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, 26 September 2015

UK Food Haul

Every time we go to the UK we inevitably come back with an assortment of sweets and biscuits and just food in general that gets packed away in a cardboard box and loaded into the car and hoarded away until we want to taste England again. As we had no car on this last trip things were slightly different (we couldn't fit any Tetleys or Quavers or extra packets of Cheerios into the limited space), but we nevertheless brought back a few sweet treats that I thought I'd share with you today.

I have an extremely sweet tooth and dolly mixtures are my current obsession, they've recently replaced milk bottles as my go-to British buy. The best ones are three for £1 in Tesco, so I ended up with 6 packets after this trip (one of which I've already eaten!). You can actually get dollymix in our local British store but to be honest it's not that local and the Tesco ones are just superior.

Rhubarb and custards are maybe my second-favourite sweets and one of my mum's favourites too. Between us we've become slightly addicted to them lately so we picked up a few of these during our last Tesco shop. The flavour is just the most British thing ever and it's the bees knees in my opinion!

I also got a few mini hot chocolate things, which aren't actually part of our traditional haul, but seeing as I don't drink tea (gasp) or coffee, I'm quite partial to a hot choc on cold winter days.

I spotted this amazing GLITTER JELLY in a supermarket somewhere and just had to try it because hello, how awesome is that?? It says on the packet that it's new, which is all very exciting. I can't wait to see how this actually turns out!

Angel Delight is something we always buy a couple of packets of, and it's always the butterscotch flavour. My mum used to have this for pudding when she was little and it's something we like to have occasionally, with plenty of sprinkles and squirty cream.

Last but not least, pink panther biscuits were a staple of my childhood and I think they'll always be in my top three biscuits, after Bourbon creams and jammy dodgers. I mean they're pink, what's not to love? 


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Internetspiration #2

As September draws to a close and the date I'll be heading off to uni looms, I'm entirely conscious that I've done nothing productive this summer (apart from a few driving lessons) and have in fact spent most of my time on the internet. Having said that, the product of my endless hours of tumblr scrolling is a second round of inspiring/aesthetically pleasing images for you to enjoy!