Monday, 3 November 2014

Melanie Martinez


Once again it's been a while, but today I really wanted to share my thoughts on an artist I've discovered recently through my good friend Aoife.

Her name is Melanie Martinez, and incredibly she's only 19. She was a contestant in the American version of The Voice a couple of years ago and got to the top 6, and since then she's released an EP, Dollhouse, which has literally become my favourite thing ever. For some reason it's not on iTunes (as far as I'm aware), but you can buy the EP here and the songs can easily be found on YouTube.

I'm absolutely in love with the creepy pop vibe to her music - I've seen her described as a cross between Lana Del Rey and Marina & the Diamonds (two of my top favourite artists, coincidentally), which I can see some truth in, but at the same time her music style is so different and unique I can't really compare it to anything. My favourite song of hers is definitely Carousel, it honestly feels like I'm going around on a carousel in an abandoned theme park. I also ADORE her adorable quirky style and hair, it really ties in well with her music.

Here are the four songs from her EP Dollhouse, including the music videos for Dollhouse and Carousel:

In my usual tradition, I also made a Polyvore polaroid set of her to add to my collection of similar sets I've made for my other favourite artists - you can see the collection here.


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