Friday, 8 August 2014

Dolls Kill Wishlist - Shoes


This is the second part in my series of posts about the clothing website Dolls Kill. In the first post, I featured my favourite tops, bottoms and jackets from the site, and today I'm going to be sharing the shoes I would absolutely love to own. I love how quirky and unique they all are - let me know if you would wear/buy any of these!

Iron Fist Bun N Roses Oxford - $50

T.U.K Crushed Velvet 7 Eye Boot - $88

Privileged Paramour Oxford Heel - $89

Y.R.U. Qozmopolitan Platform Shoes - $115

Y.R.U. Rainbow Charii - $139

 T.U.K. Suede Nosebleed Heels - $110


1 comment:

  1. If only I could afford that last pair!! I've wanted shoes like that for ages ;_;