Friday, 22 August 2014

Clothes & Accessories Haul


After a week of sun, sea and seriously good food, I arrived back home from Spain yesterday afternoon. I'm not the type to lie around in the sun for hours on end, so whenever I go there I'm always up for doing something different, and I jumped at the chance to go shopping. We went to the nearest shopping centre, a maze of familiar and not so familiar shops which I invariably get lost in, and I got just a few things...

Houndstooth Sheer Top from Springfield, €6.99

This is probably my favourite thing I bought, for the price as much as anything else - it was reduced from €22.99 to €6.99! I've become slightly obsessed with houndstooth patterns lately (as you'll see later in this post), I think they're just so simple but classic and perfect for autumn/winter.

Black Tshirt from Lefties, €7.99

Lefties is one of my favourite shops in Spain, I just wish we had it here in Belgium - it reminds me of a mix of Forever 21 and Bershka, as the prices are great but the clothes are really nice and well made. I'm not mad about the union jack shape of the pattern on this top, but I like it as a whole and I think this'll be really nice with some light blue jeans or with shorts in the summer.

White Tshirt from Lefties, €7.99

This tshirt is pretty much identical to the previous one in style and shape. I love the slightly distressed effect to the print, and I think this would go really well under dungarees or just any way you like really, it's so versatile.

 Houndstooth Leggings from ALE-HOP, €5

I was eyeing up these leggings for days, telling myself I had more than enough leggings and that I shouldn't let myself be attracted by the price, but in the end I was powerless to resist. These were an incredible €5, and of course in a houndstooth pattern which will go so well with so many things in cooler weather.

Maroon Purse from Lefties, around €8

I've been on the lookout for a new purse for a while, but all I could seem to find were longer, bulky purses which I find quite impractical, especially as I have a lot of small bags I'd need to put it in. Which is why I was thrilled to find this one as it's the perfect size, not being too small to fit my ID card in but big enough to hold everything it needs to.

Floral Headband from ALE-HOP, €2

I decided recently that I wanted to grow my fringe out (mostly because it's just so much work) so I've been looking for ways to keep it back off my face until it's long enough. I tend to use hairclips to pin it to the top of my head, but that gets quite fiddly so I thought I'd try a fabric hairband like this. It reminds me a lot of when I was little too, as I used to wear these all the time.

Gold & White Headband from ALE-HOP, €2

Another slightly more snazzy hairband, this one has a wire running through it. They were available in various colours and styles, but I really like the effect of the white against the gold chain.


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