Thursday, 7 August 2014

August Clothes & Accessories Haul


Welcome to part two of my mega August haul - you can see part one (books & DVDs) here. There's not a huge amount to say, except that this is what I got when I was in the UK recently. I'd just like to point out that I paid for everything - including the books and DVDs - with my own money, and that I'm not (entirely) as spoilt as I might seem :')

Also, my laptop is misbehaving and won't load any web pages properly, so I'm actually publishing this on my phone. Hopefully I'll work out how to fix it soon and be back with more blog posts!

Top - Primark, £6

I love anything with a collar, and I thought this would be lovely tucked into a high waisted skirt in the winter.

Tank Top - Primark, £4

Just a simple yet versatile tank top, I love the nautical print.

Dress - Matalan, £10

This dress looks much nicer on than in the photo, it's knee length and quite tight and clingy. I adore the crazy graffiti print! I think it lends itself to being dressed up with a pair of black heels and a black bag, but it could look equally nice with say black jelly shoes.

Jacket - Matalan, £10

I've never been a great one for wearing jackets, as I tend to go from cardigans to thick winter coats, usually in the space of a week - but I decided this one was just too gorgeous (and affordable) to pass up. It was reduced from £24 to an absolute bargain of £10. I love the zip and pocket detailing, and I hope I'll get a decent amount of wear out of this.

Shorts - Primark, £5

These shorts have so much material in them they actually feel and look like a skirt. I think they'll be perfect for the beach and just general hot weather as they're so floaty and breezy.

Skirt - Forever 21, £6.50

You can never have too many flowery skirts in my opinion, and in actual fact I don't own that many so I just had to pick this one up. The price was also a pleasant surprise!

Bikini & Flipflops - Primark, £10.50 total

I actually picked up this bikini totally separately from the flipflops, and it was only when I got home that I realised they were supposed to match. I really love the high-waisted bottoms and the nautical details.

Scrunchies - Miss Selfridge, £10

This was possibly my favourite purchase of all. Scrunchies always remind me of when I was little, and I'm so happy to see them in the shops again. These ones are pretty big, the perfect size for putting round a bun, and best of all in fabulous metallic colours! I thought £10 was slightly on the pricey side for three, but they were sold individually as well for £5 each, so in retrospect it wasn't too bad.

White Plimsoll Heels - Red Herring (Debenhams), £10.50

These shoes proved almost impossible to photograph, so I managed to find a picture online. These were reduced from £35 to £10.50, and I just love how quirky yet simple and comfortable they are.

Dolly Shoes - Primark, £10

I've been wanting some shoes like this for absolutely ages, and I went into Topshop with the intention of getting a pair I'd seen recently. However they didn't have them, so I ended up getting these Primark ones instead. I love the double buckles and the shiny shoe schoolgirl effect!

Laptop Bag - PC World, £14.99

I got my new laptop for my birthday in February, but until now I didn't have a case to put it in for travelling. So I went into a few computer shops, and it's safe to say that if you have an iPad or other type of tablet you've no shortage of cases - however us old-fashioned computer users have a lot less choice these days. This was really the only one I found which wasn't expensive, designer, or boring, but luckily I do quite like it.

Folder - WH Smith, £1.90

Maybe this doesn't quite come under accessories, but I adore this folder so much I had to include it here. It's just from WH Smiths, but I seem to have such difficulty finding inexpensive, pretty folders over here in Belgium that I tend to stock up whenever I'm in the UK.



  1. I love all of your purchases, Sophie! The plimsoll shoes from Debenhams are amazing, and so cheap :O The collar top and jacket from Matalan are also amazing. *Jealous* I was going to buy the dolly shoes in Primark yesterday but I wasn't sure.. I'm tempted to go and buy them now, haha!
    I loved this post :)

    1. Aw thanks! Ahaha, I can always rely on you to comment on my haul posts ;) You should totally get the shoes, the only thing I would say though is consider getting a size bigger than you normally would, as I found they came up quite small after walking around in them at home for a while. But I love them so much, I feel like such a schoolgirl in them :P