Thursday, 28 August 2014

ASMR Videos


Today I'd like to share something that I'm slowly becoming obsessed with - ASMR videos. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and when triggered basically results in a lovely tingly feeling in your scalp, spine, arms and sometimes the rest of your body. I'm no expert at describing the phenomenon, so here's a youtube video in which TheWaterwhispers (Ilse) explains the basics, in the style of a typical ASMR video:

Especially when I was younger, I've always experienced a tingly feeling when watching people draw or write, as I find it so relaxing and slightly hypnotic, and I'm very sensitive to people touching or playing with my hair. So I was fascinated to find out that not only does that 'tingly feeling' have a name, there's a whole community dedicated to it, with thousands of ASMR channels on YouTube.

I discovered ASMR while browsing the channel of albinwonderland, a YouTuber I'm subscribed to, and I soon discovered her ASMR channel, albinwhisperland. After quickly googling ASMR, I was curious to see what it was all about and watched a couple of her videos - I was instantly hooked, and spent the rest of the day watching video after video, getting more relaxed and sleepy by the minute.

I've only watched a few different ASMR artists (or ASMRtists), but my favourites are definitely albinwhisperland and TheWaterwhispers. Both of them instantly make me feel relaxed, and the style of their video are quite different: Alb tends to do haul or collection videos in the ASMR style, while Ilse does more role-play type videos.

Here are a few examples of ASMR videos:

I hope you found this post interesting, and that I've inspired you to go and relax with some ASMR videos!


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