Thursday, 10 July 2014

Primark/New Look Haul & Outfits


I was in the UK last week, and I did just a teensy bit of shopping on the last day I was there. I mostly bought stuff in Primark (if you're been reading my blog for a while you'll know how crazy I can go in Primark, since we don't have it where I live) but I also got a couple of things in New Look for a change.

For this haul I decided to do something slightly different and actually put together an outfit for each new item of clothing I bought, because I usually explain how I would style it anyway.

Stripy oversized collared Tshirt from Primark, £6

I adore this top, it's really baggy and comfy even though I got it in a 6, and it's long enough to be worn over leggings. You know when you see something in a shop, and you just HAVE to buy it because you know instinctively that it's something you'll wear again and again as it's such a versatile piece? Yep.

Tapestry dress from New Look, £14.50

Until about last year, I owned about three dresses: a really casual one for the beach, a formal one and one I could actually wear as normal clothes. But then I suddenly got a bit fixated on dresses, and ended up buying quite a lot in a short space of time (possibly an understatement). I love this one because it's so boho and summery, and has this whole tapestry effect thing going on - and it was on sale, which is always a plus!

Patterned trousers from Primark, £8

Unlike the vast majority of my friends and people my age, I own precisely zero pair of trackie bottoms, mostly because I think they're so unflattering and I much prefer leggings. These trousers aren't exactly trackies as the material is so thin, but neither are they tight like leggings, which is what made me pick them up in the first place, because I was trying to work out what I'd call them. I'm really not sure how much I'll end up wearing these, but for £8 I'm not going to worry about it too much ;)

Patterned top from Primark, £4

I was actually looking to pick up a couple of simple patterned tops, so I was glad to find this one. It doesn't come across all that great on camera, but it's nice irl, and above all extremely versatile.

Floral sheer top from New Look, £17.99

I've been seeing so many sheer kimono type things around lately, and that was originally what I thought this was when I spotted it. In fact it's a kind of batwing top, which I think will be great for those warm summer days when a cardigan or jacket is too much but you still want a bit of warmth.

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