Monday, 2 September 2013

Last Hurrahs of Summer


I go back to school tomorrow (Tuesday). I know that lots of people have already been back for a while, but I decided to put together a quick list of 'Last Hurrahs' for the summer holidays, or just summer itself. Why not spend your last days of freedom and/or sunny weather doing a load of stuff to make the most of summer? Enjoy!

Have a picnic
Chase butterflies
Go blackberrying
Watch an old movie
Tie-dye an old t-shirt
Have a movie marathon
Go for a walk in the forest
Build a den in your garden
Bake something with fruit in it
Play Monopoly with real money
Go to the park and read a book
Eat as many ice lollies as you can
Make covers for your school books
Have a mini fashion show in your bedroom
Draw a picture that represents your summer
Make a scrapbook page about your summer
Challenge a friend or sibling to a game of Mario Kart
Go shopping and challenge yourself to spend under €/$/£20
Put a bikini on and run through the hosepipe spray in your garden
Make a PowerPoint presentation of your favourite summery photos
Draw on the patio or the pavement outside your house with coloured chalks

(pictures from Polyvore, not my own)


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