Monday, 23 September 2013

Green Tea Can DIY


Yes, I'm aware I haven't blogged in over a week, but things (aka homework) have been so hectic recently and the weekend seemed to slip away so quickly that I didn't get round to writing any posts. But I'm here today with a quick DIY!

So when I was in the supermarket the other day, I happened to buy one of those Arizona green teas, mostly because I'd never tried green tea and I wanted to know whether I liked it or not. I was going to get a bottle of it, but the can was just too gorgeous to resist...

My opinion on green tea aside (not sure if I'm a fan or not), I decided the can was too pretty to just throw away, so I came up with a really simple DIY to turn it into a pretty decoration for your room.

You will need:
♥ an Arizona green tea can
♥ any sort of liquid glue, kids glue works fine
♥ nail varnish
♥ sequins & sparkle

1. Wash out the can to make sure it's completely clean, and then leave it to dry.

2. Paint the bottom rim and the top with nail varnish. I used a bright Barbie pink colour from Topshop because it matches the flowers on the can exactly - plus I would never wear it, so at least it's been put to some good use!

3. Stick sequins onto the branch on the can, to add dimension - it looks best if done randomly.

And hey presto! This is the kind of thing I think I could easily go to town on - it wants glitter and wire flowers and silver doodling, but I kept it quite simple for a first go. Who knows, perhaps I'll have to buy another few cans to try out more ideas with.

Oh, and if by any chance my photos look better than usual, it might be because I discovered the 'auto-fix' option on my phone - what a hidden gem! But I should be getting an actual camera for Christmas anyway, so hopefully there'll be a more noticeable improvement then.



  1. Great Blog! You've got some great ideas! I'll definitely be following. Follow back? Also, this idea is really cute, You could do it to a bunch of cans and make a collage thing ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, it means a lot! I followed you back straight away, your blog is just amazing :D