Wednesday, 7 August 2013

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Why hello there, guess who's back from being on holiday? I arrived back fairly last night, after a long flight delay, and oh is it good to be home! I was only away for two weeks, and staying our apartment with countless home comforts and my own room at that, but I've missed this house so much. But more than anything I've missed having a speedy internet connection, and being able to have five tabs open at once without my laptop overloading from the strain. The first thing I did this morning was go on Tumblr, which was a slightly scary experience in itself as I hadn't logged on for over two weeks... I scrolled down my dash until the glitches started, which was quite some way.

But the best thing is that after a fortnight of hot sun and over 30°C heat, I woke up this morning to pouring rain, black clouds and barely more than 16°C - a typical Belgian summer, in other words. It's only August and already I can't wait to wear jeans, leggings, boots, creepers and jackets: roll on autumn!

Here are some photos from my holiday:

I'd like to thank all my lovely nine followers for sticking with me so far as I try to get this blog off the ground. Even though I haven't been very active recently, my head is overflowing with interesting post ideas that I shall be using the rest of the summer holidays to try and translate into reality. Look out for another book review coming very soon!


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